Get Detailed Steps To Start A Small Business

Get Detailed Steps To Start A Small Business
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What is stopping you from starting the business you have been dreaming about?

Are you afraid it is too much work to start a business or that you don’t know what to do to get started? I’ve got the solution.

Got a friend who would be SO good at teaching lessons or coaching others but hasn’t made that leap yet? I’ve got a business course and a tutoring workshop.

Ready to work for yourself but not exactly sure what line of business to choose? Consider private tutoring or coaching. I’ve got the steps to start a small business.

Immediate Access to Course and Checklist

Starting your own business IS a lot of work, but fortunately, many of those tasks and decisions can be made once and you will soon be on your way to working for yourself. In my course “Business Basics” I walk clients, just like you, through the main steps of setting up a small business including checklists and lots of little questions for you to consider and make notes about. I spent many hours researching and writing detailed notes about all the things I needed to do to start a business, build a website, get customers, and maintain a healthy business. Let me save you time and research AND money. Take the course at your own pace – in a weekend or across several weeks. You get immediate access to the course workbook so if you have those creative juices just flowing, you can easily start making notes in the right sections. 

Work through the checklist at your own speed. One client set her goal at 4-6 weeks – from start up to having her first client- and accomplished it with weekly coaching sessions. Others like to take 2-3 months to walk through the steps, local requirements, and preparations before hanging out their “open for business” sign. If you start now, imagine where you will be in 2 months!

Starting your own lessons, tutoring, or coaching business does not have to be expensive. Most require just a few supplies, local business permits, and your unique style of teaching or coaching. Many other businesses require a larger start-up cost, but lessons or tutoring business, especially online, have minimal start-up costs if you do much of the work yourself. Since most people start a tutoring or lessons business as a side hustle, I wanted the course to be affordable whether you are in college, a SAHM, or a retired teacher. 

Affordable Course

My course includes 12 lessons, a business start up checklist (PDF or Asana Template), customizable forms, personal feedback, a marketing challenge, and much more. This affordable $399 self-paced online course is valued at over $1,200. With this low start-up cost, you will soon recoup this small investment in your dream business. Do not let fear of all the steps hold you back from the freedom of being your own boss. 

Detailed Steps to Start a Small Business

Many free generic checklists are available on how to start a business, but there are not many step-by-step tutorials on how to start a private tutoring, lessons, or coaching business that lay out all the systems and strategies you want to consider using. Join this course and this growing occupation. The need for private tutors and lessons has become more important than ever to personalize learning and help students be successful in and out of the classroom and prepared for the workforce ahead. This course contains a checklist and workbook with detailed steps to start a small business.


“Jennifer’s Business Basics Course was the exact tool I needed to help me finally launch my health coach business. For several years I was in the contemplation stage of wanting to start this coaching business and I was overwhelmed by the myriad of tasks needed to begin. Jennifer met with me regularly to give me the confidence and tools necessary to accomplish one task at a time. This course helped me organize my time and resources. As I accomplished one task at a time I gained the confidence needed to finally open my health coach business! This course is not just for those considering a tutoring business, but covers pertinent information and skills needed for launching a business of any type. I highly recommend Business Basics to anyone who wants to start a business and is struggling with where to begin.”     Kimmie, Health Coach

Still need MORE convincing that this is the right purchase for you? Check out this detailed description of the course. As you will see, there are many things to consider when starting your own business, but you can do this! Read the Q&A at the bottom of this link and the testimonials. I look forward to watching you create the business of your dreams and the joy and freedom that come from this adventure. Need more individualized help? Personal coaching is available for an additional fee. 

If you have been on the fence about starting your own business because the work seems overwhelming, here’s the opportunity to get you started. I love the business I created, and I am honestly so proud of all the hours it took because I can say that I did it myself. Some days I can’t believe that I started a small business, that I can say I am the founder and educator at Tailor Joy LLC. It is a joy and a privilege. Will you join me? I’ve got the solution! Buy the course and get detailed steps to start a small business.

Start Now

Click here to join the hundreds of others who are starting their own businesses this year. Small business owner. Tutor. Coach. Creator. Teacher. Service provider. Entrepreneur. You.

Why is October a good time to start a business? Read here. Why would you want to be your own boss? Read here

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Want to just try out a few sessions of tutoring to see if this could work for you? I’ve got a resource for that too! Check out my Tutor Toolkit workshop

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