Clean the Chaos: At Home

Email Workshop with Decluttering Tips and Room by Room Checklists

Do you long to walk into a home that is calm and peaceful not chaotic and cluttered?

Sign up now and clean the chaos at home with this 12 month email workshop. Decluttering tips and motivational email workshop starts immediately. Calm and peaceful rooms are coming your way!

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Can you commit a few hours a week or a month to decluttering? Join me this year to clean the chaos at home.

 Sign up for this email workshop now, delivered in 2 emails a month on Thursdays for one year.

What can you expect from this email workshop?

✔️1 master strategy that works in every space

✔️ 12 printable task checklists expounding on the strategy for unique spaces in your home

✔️ 2 emails per month with decluttering tips

✔️ Curated content empowering and motivating you to Clean the Chaos in your home, room by room, in one year

✔️ Tips and tools for sorting, storing, and microtasking

🌟 Bonus: maintenance tips

Cost: $45 for over $500 worth of content and resources. That’s less than $1 a week for a year of decluttering tips and motivational emails!

Enroll in this decluttering workshop today! 

Tip: This workshop is even better when done with a friend. Get yourself an accountability partner who will also agree to purchase the workshop and you will BOTH have clean, organized homes in a year no matter where in the world you live. Text that friend you are thinking about right now!

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Workshop with Jennifer Donaldson,
founder and educator at Tailor Joy LLC

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I am Jennifer Donaldson.

With almost 30 years of teaching, organizing, and tutoring expertise, I have taught in traditional classrooms, at kitchen tables, summer camps, online, and across the globe. I love organizing homes, classrooms, lesson plans, service trips, my pantry, weddings, playrooms, and offices. As a result, I create tools that allow you to do the same, such as the Clean the Chaos: At Home course. I have personally done this course several times during my married life and am thrilled at the long lasting results. 

As a certified teacher, I currently can be found tutoring virtually from my home in Apex, North Carolina, and creating new educational tools, organizational systems, and courses while caregiving for my mom who lives with us. 

May you smile more and sigh less! May your home be calm, clean, and peaceful. 

What do I get with the workshop?

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Start today, then get 2 emails a month on Thursdays with decluttering tips and motivation to help you clean the chaos at home in 12 months (or sooner if you are super motivated!)

(value $400)
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1 master strategy
12 printable checklists - one for each area of your home

(value $25)
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Maintenance tips
Home Maintenance Checklist

(value $25)

Total Value $500 but you can get all this

for $45

Why Purchase These Courses from Jennifer?

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Affordable Prices

Learn new skills and valuable content through well organized classes that are worth the investment of your time and money.

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Trusted Knowledge

Created by a certified teacher and super-organized mom with over 30 years of experience as a teacher, tutor, organizer, and writer.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Digital learning is compatible with any schedule, and available anywhere you have an internet connection.


Is this course right for me?

This course is perfect for those who want to start organizing and decluttering their homes, but do not want the pressure to do it all at once. We give tested strategies and tips for how to sort, declutter, clean, donate, organize, and use what you have on hand.

How long do I have access to the course content?

You will receive 2 emails a month for a year. The master strategy and checklists you can download and use over and over again forever.

When does the course start and finish?

The workshop is an email workshop. It begins immediately after purchase. January is a great month to start, but it really does not matter when you start as it runs for 12 months. 

What if I have a small apartment or a large home? Can this course still work for me?

Absolutely! We start with the basic rooms and give suggestions for other rooms or spaces in homes. 

Can I go faster than the email course?

Absolutely! We start with the master strategy that works in all spaces. If you want to go ahead to other spaces before those emails arrive, feel free to clean the chaos in any part of your home. However, we also suggest enjoying the spaces you have already cleaned if you find yourself with some extra free time. 

Why should I take this course from you? Have you used this method in your own home?

I’m a super organized person who wants a place for everything, but like all good plans, sometimes chaos abounds. The first time I cleaned through my home, my goal was one room a month at my own pace. I did it, and it felt like a great accomplishment! It lasted a few years. Recently I decided to do it again now that my kids have moved out and write my strategy into an email course. I had to apply my own strategy for scheduling my time. Again, it felt like a big accomplishment and I’m hoping that if I apply the maintenance tips this will last even longer! 

Can I get a refund?

No. Due to the digital nature of the program and immediate access, we are unable to offer refunds. We are more than happy to answer questions prior to purchase. Just email us at

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