Tutor Toolkit

Helping you design and individualize session plans

Wonder what it would be like to create tutoring session plans?

Need a few extra tools in your kit to feel confident tutoring clients and writing lesson plans? Get what you need today! For free!

With the Tutor Toolkit Workshop, you will be ready and confident to tutor, teach a lesson, or coach a client with a one hour session plan. You will finish with a toolkit stocked with session planning sheets, ways to remediate or extend a topic, tools to build rapport with clients, some brain break ideas, and the confidence you need to tutor or coach clients. I will show you exactly how I plan out my tutoring sessions, from start to finish! You can confidently plan out your tutoring sessions.

Want to test out a session or two of tutoring? Tutor Toolkit, my free one lesson workshop, is the place to start. Tutor Toolkit workshop helps you set up a single session. Business Basics course helps you set up a whole business and start earning money. Enroll now in Tutor Toolkit and sample my online courses for free.

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Set up hour long sessions - perfect for anyone who wants to tutor, teach lessons, or coach clients.

In the workshop Tutor Toolkit:

Learn the plan to setting up an hour long session, whether you are teaching, tutoring, or coaching. You get a behind-the-scenes look at my own tutoring sessions and learn from my years in and out of the classroom. 

You will have templates for sessions that you can customize and the confidence you need to tutor or coach clients, whether you have teaching experience or not. You will get tips and tools for remediation, extending lessons, and building rapport, plus games and brain break suggestions.

Each resource is customizable to your business and applicable to tutoring, lessons, or coaching businesses.

Enroll in this free workshop today!

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Workshop with Jennifer Donaldson,
founder and educator at Tailor Joy LLC

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I am Jennifer Donaldson.

With almost 30 years of teaching and tutoring expertise, I have taught in traditional classrooms, at kitchen tables, summer camps, online, and even at schools without electricity. As a certified teacher, I currently can be found tutoring virtually from my home in Apex, North Carolina and creating new educational tools and courses while caregiving for my mom who lives with us. Working online also allows for trips to visit family who live out of town and adventures across the globe. 

With the growing need to learn online being present everywhere, it is my mission to provide students and adults with the skills to master educational challenges, add tools to their current resources, and even start their own tutoring or coaching business. May you smile more and sigh less! 

What do I get with the free workshop?

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Immediate access to one lesson to help you set up an hour long tutoring session with confidence

(value $50)
001 project


Simple Session Plan template and Simple Session Plan template for coaching,

(value $25)
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Simple Book Club Session Plan with customizable project and student pages

(value $25)

Total Value $100 but you can get all this

for FREE

Why Purchase These Courses from Jennifer?

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Affordable Prices

Learn new skills and valuable content through well organized classes that are worth the investment of your time and money.

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Trusted Knowledge

Created by a certified teacher with over 30 years of experience as a teacher, tutor, organizer, and educational writer.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Digital learning is compatible with any schedule, and available anywhere you have an internet connection.


Is this Tutor Toolkit course right for me?

This course is perfect for those who want to start tutoring even if you have no past experience teaching. You will be able to plan out an hour long session and see if tutoring is right for you.

Already have confidence in your tutoring abilities? Ready to start your own business? Business Basics course is for you. Go here for more details. Tutor Toolkit workshop helps you set up a session. Business Basics course helps you set up a business. 

How long do I have access to the course content?

One year for the online content and forever for the downloaded materials.

When does the course start and finish?

The course is self-paced and immediately available after purchase. 

What if I am not a teacher? Can I still tutor?

Absolutely! Everyone can teach or tutor something.  

Can I get a refund?

No. Due to the digital nature of the program and immediate access, we are unable to offer refunds. We are more than happy to answer questions prior to purchase. Just email us at hello@tailorjoy.com

Ready to take it to the next level? I can help with that!

Build your own business, set your own hours, make extra cash, and work a job you love! Many are scared they don’t have the business skills necessary to start a business. Sound familiar? It isn’t as complicated as you think, especially if you have a plan. Business Basics – How to Start Your Own Tutoring Business walks you through the key steps to building your own business. Click here to see if this course is for you and check out the testimonials from people just like you who gained the confidence and tools they needed to start their own business. Tutor Toolkit helps you set up a session. Business Basics helps you set up a business.