Education Resources

Students, Parents, Tutors, and Teachers: This page is full of helpful links and is a work in progress. Let me know if you find any “broken links” or have some favorite tutoring resources you can share with me.



math by grade level/subject

lists of math vocab to know

Math drills worksheets

algebra balance pan – numbers

algebra balance scales – shapes

Division games

Math minute (online or printable)

Math word problem worksheets

virtual library of manipulatives

Strategies to Master Multiplication

math resources and videos WCPSS – elementary, middle and high school

tips for memorizing multiplication facts


language arts by grade level/subject

language arts help from skillwise

benefits of sustained silent reading

audio stories – storynory

audio stories – babbooks

audio stories – light up your brain

author Shel Silverstein

author Mem Fox

vocabulary 411 for adults

Reading 411 for adults


poetry 4 kids

10 Reading Questions to ask a child

New York Times articles and questions

One page nonfiction articles

One page fiction articles

Question Stems for higher level comprehension – printable, works with most fiction stories, great for asking good questions but not having read the book!


10 Analogy Types

Socratic Seminar as a teaching strategy

Promote critical thinking with Socratic Seminars

News articles – dogonews

News articles – Newsela

News articles – Breaking News English

News articles – WORLDkids

Book – How to Read Literature like a Professor: for kids (middle school and early high school)

TED TALKS at TED-ED for students (short videos to spark the curiosity of learners)


Cursive and Manuscripts


Rainbow Writing – color coded essay system

spelling bee 



research writing methods lesson for middle school

Essay topics for middle and high school practice

Sample essays for middle and high school

Editing practice – upper elementary and above

Taking Cornell Notes from a textbook

Note Taking Tips

How to take useful notes


ESL beginner lessons 

TEFL lessons

News articles – Breaking News English

Tongue twisters 


Mad Science

Social Studies

Coffee Shop Economics

Consumer Education for Kids

Lemonade Stand economics

Clark Creative Education – this resource has many classroom printable activities and digital versions

Critical Thinking

Blooms Taxonomy Infographics

Blooms Digital

The Differentiator

puzzles and brain teasers for kids

Critical thinking worksheets 

More critical thinking worksheets


How to grow your child’s critical thinking- article

Critical thinking essential questions – article

Quotes to use for critical thinking

How to increase higher order thinking – article

“Would you rather…” question list

“Would you rather…” printable list

Critical and Creative Thinking book – one of my all time favorites! 

Critical Thinking for students with developmental disorders

Marzano Question Stems for higher level comprehension – printable

Asking Intentional Questions

Critical Thinking question stems for any subject

Questions for critical thinking in literacy and in math

Fiction and Nonfiction question stems

Interesting critical thinking questions to ask students

Creative questions to ask kids

Differentiated Instruction

What is differentiated instruction

FASD teaching strategies

FASD Informed Podcasts (I’m interviewed on one of them!)


FASD Hope Podcasts (I’m a guest on two of them!)

LD Online – all about learning disabilities

Aphasia – Triangle Aphasia Project (TAP)

Accommodations for students with LD

Practical applications of accommodations in the classroom

Accommodations for virtual learning

Accommodations for distance learning (alternatives and multiple platform suggestions)

Learning support for high achieving students for distance learning

Sensory Project blog and podcast


Lessons to teach following directions

Lessons and activities for following directions

Following directions map sheet 1

Following directions map sheet 2

Multi step directions activities and links

Study Skills and Testing

10 Test Taking Tips

test taking tips

FREE printable agenda pages

math test study tips

NC released forms test practice material

printable practice tests

test practice for elementary cognitive tests

common core test prep (grade 1-12)

test prep links 3rd-9th

What are Cornell Notes and how to use them

How to take Cornell Notes from a textbook

How to take Cornell Notes from a lecture

Study Skills- various links from a teacher’s homepage


Mrs. Donaldson’s Quizlet vocabulary folders

Vocabulary lists by grade level  – pdf download

vocabulary games

Wordly Wise vocabulary practice on Quizlet (book 5)


How to Learn Vocabulary course

How to Teach Vocabulary course


Crossword Puzzle Maker

Word Search Maker

Graph Maker


keyboard tutorial

typing test

typing programs

more free typing games

technology integration article






search engine –  kiddle

search engine – kidrex

infographics in the classroom

infographics article

infographics resources



teacher apps list

free technology for teachers

more free tech tools list

Other/All subjects


Mr Nussbaum’s website of games and resources



Clark Creative Education – this resource has many classroom printable activities and digital versions

Teacher created materials – one of my favorite resources online, with many free resources


School Anxiety – encouragement for teachers

Lots more blog posts for tutoring resources