Free Printable Agenda Page

Free Printable Agenda Page
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How many late or missing assignments has your child had this week?

How could a free printable agenda page help you? I’m a huge fan of agendas, but I also know that many kids struggle to use them. Recently I wrote a post about using Google calendars as digital agendas, but there are plenty of kids and families who just need a printable agenda page. I’ve got one for you! Whether you have a 5 subject day or 8, I’ve got a sheet for you. You can simply use the extra rows for notes, extracurricular activities, work, etc. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or tutor, this free printable agenda page is for you.

Print this free printable agenda page and help your child get back on track. I suggest printing it on colored paper, but not so bright or dark that your child can’t write on it with a pencil. A nice fluorescent green, yellow, or orange helps kids find their printable agenda page in the folder crammed with worksheets, handouts, and missing homework. Take time at the start of the week to write in as many assignments as the teachers have posted online or are predictably due each week. Encourage your child to write down the day’s homework as they get it. Check it off when they complete it. Print and repeat next week. Some children literally need “turn in math homework” written on their sheet or they will forget that important step. Until your child can independently use an agenda, walk them through the steps daily. 

Don’t worry, friends. I’ve got something for you too! I have a printable weekly plan sheet and a printable monthly calendar that you can set up however works best for you. Personalize it with colored paper, stickers, pretty pens, or just whatever writing tool is nearby.

Free printable agenda pages and free printable calendar sheet  The file comes as a zip file with 4 different PDFs to choose from. I’d love to hear or see how you make them work for you! 

Want some back to school tips?

Not happy with your child’s academic progress? Hire a tutor. 


Table Talk: What is the most powerful lesson that comes from using an agenda? What area of your life is being neglected because it isn’t written on the agenda or calendar? What does late or missing work communicate to your coworkers, boss, classmates, or teachers?

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