Midlife Blog Review: Back to You and Me

Midlife Blog Review: Back to You and Me
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What stage of life is midlife?

Most define midlife as when the kids are out of the house but you are not yet retired, so typically between ages 40-60. While life will not look exactly the same for us “new grays,” we do share many similarities and challenges in the midlife season including shifting priorities, relationships with adult children, and becoming a couple again. My cousin, Cindy Stumme, has recently started an informative and encouraging blog for those of us in midlife called Back to You and Me. This blog grew out of her experiences with an empty nest and midlife transition that became the focus of her recent master’s thesis. 

Just as many of you reached out to friends who had kids when you were just starting your parenting adventure, now you can get some advice and encouragement to thrive, not just survive, midlife. Cindy helps readers put purpose and meaning into this transitional season of life through resources, research, and building community. As a bonus, Cindy often adds free downloadable phone wallpaper for extra encouragement. Check out Cindy’s blog, Back to You and Me, for more information and encouragement for “thriving in midlife and the empty nest through community, conversation, and faith.” 

Here are two posts that resonated with me https://www.backtoyouandme.com/post/celebrate-the-empty-nest and https://www.backtoyouandme.com/post/mom-habit-metamorphosis.

Lastly, I am excited to announce that, in the near future, Cindy will be writing a guest post here at  2 Minutes Together! If you are near the empty nest stage, I encourage you to read Cindy’s blog Back to You and Me. Or better yet, sign up to have it delivered to your inbox. 

Not in the empty nest years yet? Need help to survive the middle years with your kids? Read my post. https://www.tailorjoy.com/the-middle-years-calming-the-chaos/

Table Talk: Does an empty nest excite you or scare you? Which of Cindy’s blog posts did you find most helpful?

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