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What clients are saying...

Structure and Feedback

My son is very bright, but struggles with language arts. Reading has never been his favorite thing to do. Tutoring with Jennifer has changed our life. No more tears, fighting over homework, struggling to get good grades. My son has the tools now to work hard, and see results.  I was surprised how much he truly values the structure and feedback tutoring provides. He loves his time with Jennifer.”


Mom of 8th Grade Client

Navigating Remote Learning

“Our daughter has a disability and was struggling with school in general. In the years that we have worked with Jennifer we have seen our daughter grow and develop as a student. She has become much more organized and diligent in her studies. With the change to virtual school in March, Jennifer was able to help her navigate and adjust to the dramatic change and ensure she was learning the material in a remote environment.”


Mom of 9th Grade Client

Adapts Learning Style

“Jennifer has been tutoring our son over the past few years and she has done an amazing job at guiding him through the challenges of assignments for numerous subjects. Jennifer can very quickly access the learning style of the student and adapt her tutoring to their needs. Jennifer is also a great communicator.”


Mom of College Student Recovering from a Stroke

Individualized Learning

“My son was able to meet the standards, but we knew there would be challenges in the future if we didn’t establish a firm foundation. I was surprised when my son did not fight me with going to tutoring. He actually got help with his homework and learned so much while he was there while being challenged with fun games and incentives. Jennifer individualizes each students learning plan while making it fun for the student and very worthwhile for the parent.”


Mom of Former Client

Increased Confidence

“My son began tutoring with Mrs. Donaldson for help with the transition into middle school along with organization assistance. After just a few weeks we saw a huge difference in his organization skills and increased confidence. He VERY MUCH enjoyed and looked forward to tutoring two times per week. There is no doubt my son’s successful middle school years were attributed to this. She very much got to know him as a ‘person’–she played off his strengths and helped him with his weaknesses.”


Mom of Former Client

Educational Navigation

“Life before tutoring was hectic. Getting my son to concentrate and do homework was like pulling teeth. Now my son loves working with Ms. Jen. She has the perfect touch when it comes to getting him to focus on larger projects and she knows when he’s reached his limit and let’s him choose an educational game to play. It’s no surprise that Ms. Jen, outside of tutoring, also helps me navigate the educational world. She is always willing to lend a voice to some of my concerns with school staff.”


Mom of a Middle School Client

About Jennifer

Teacher. Tutor. Traveler. Tailor of Joy.

Jennifer Donaldson often opens her home to friends and strangers for dinner, coffeehouse, hospice, lessons, or lodging. Jennifer hopes her life is a window for seeing the joy that comes from loving God and loving people. Her creative ideas are a little outside the box, but practical and wise. (Did you notice that her logo is also a little outside the box?!) She aspires to be a digital nomad, collecting friends, stories, and sim cards as souvenirs. As a certified teacher, Jennifer currently can be found tutoring virtually from her home in Apex, North Carolina and creating new educational tools and courses while caregiving for her mom who lives with Jennifer and her husband, John. Working online also allows for quick trips to visit her grown-up kids and granddaughter who live out of town.