10 Test Taking Tips

10 Test Taking Tips
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How can you help a student confidently take a test?

Fear tends to grip students when teachers, parents or tutors talk about testing or preparing for tests. My 10 free Test Taking Tips will help students so that they can focus confidently on the test, not on their worries. Students and parents can smile more and sigh less!  Well prepared students will work to the best of their abilities. 

  1. Read everything! Read everything on the page including the directions, the passage, the questions, and every answer choice. If time allows, rereading the passage, too.
  2. Read the question twice. Sometimes you misread or your brain tricks you into thinking something different than what it’s really asking. Rereading will help you understand what the question is really asking.
  3. Underline important words or numbers in the questions. These clues might help determine the answer or eliminate wrong answers.
  4. Think about what the answer is. Before reading the multiple choice answers or before writing your answer, think about what the right answer is.
  5. Eliminate wrong answers. Cross out wrong answers before selecting the correct one. Even if you can only eliminate one or two answers, you will have a better choice of picking the correct one if you are unsure.
  6. Try again. If your answer is not one of the ones listed, check your work to see if you miscopied or misworked a problem or even misread the question. Go back to the question or passage and reread. Work the problem again until you get the correct answer.
  7. Input answers carefully. Check your numbering or bubbling each time you turn the page or every 5 questions. If you can mark in book or jot your answers on paper, do so. If you get off track, it will be easier to fix the problem if you have listed the answers elsewhere.
  8. Don’t change your answers. Unless you obviously misread a question or made a careless mistake, do not change your answers.
  9. Use all your time. When you finish a test, go back over the directions first to be sure you followed all the directions. Check for skipped problems or careless mistakes. If time, reread the questions or rework tricky problems. 
  10. Don’t stress. Get rest and eat before the test. Don’t get stuck on one question during the test. Relax and take deep breaths. Read carefully and do your best work. Move on if you need to. Plan something fun for after the test. Smile more and sigh less! You can do this!

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Table Talk: What test taking tip helped you the most when you were in school? What ways do you encourage others when they have to take a test?

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