Guestroom Checklist

Guestroom Checklist
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When was the last time you gave your guestroom a refresh?

 Having a restful space for guests is a sign of good hospitality that is not that hard or expensive to achieve. Here’s a guestroom checklist with 10 things to check in your guest space.

  1. Bedding: Fresh bedding, extra pillow, and extra blanket (refresh/wash your bedding if it’s been awhile. Consider replacing your pillows if needed.) 
  2. Guest Info: Wifi password/contact info/welcome note/housekey
  3. Entertainment: A book, card game or puzzle 
  4. Lighting: Lamp near bed (it’s nice to not have to walk across a dark unfamiliar room to find the bed), maybe a nightlight for bathroom or room
  5. Outlets: Access to an outlet or power strip ( for charging electronics or medical devices)
  6. Bathroom: Toiletry supplies (a few extra guest supplies like toothpaste, ear plugs, and cotton swabs or even the travel kits you get on the airplane), good shampoo/conditioner/soap, disinfectant spray or wipes available, and extra toilet paper
  7. Food and Drinks: Snacks, bottled water, and a note about kitchen access or breakfast time
  8. Temperature: Heat/ac info if it’s ok for guests to adjust, a fan in the room
  9. Clothes: Laundry access (washer, dryer, steamer), a place to hang up their clothes or jacket, and possibly a luggage rack or a full length mirror
  10.  Rest: Let guests know if it’s ok to stay in their room or turn in early if they want some extra rest

At our house we tell guests they can come to the kitchen and living room if they want food, family, and fun but that they can also stay in their room if they want peace and quiet. We try to honor that space. Leaving a note about the wifi password, where the laundry room is, and showing them where the snacks are gives everyone a little more freedom. You don’t need a guest suite to be hospitable. Maybe your guestroom is actually your office, living room or kid’s room. You can still make a basket of supplies and put a bottle of water on a small tray with a welcome note. 

What should you skip? Not everyone appreciates a scented room so possibly skip the air freshener, candle, or fresh flowers unless you know their preferences. Or have an easy to move bouquet they can put in another room if needed. 

Read this post for more info about a welcome note for guests.

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Table Talk: What have you appreciated about someone’s guestroom when you visited? How long would it take for you to be ready to house a guest? 

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