Welcome Note for Guests

Welcome Note for Guests
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What makes you feel at home when you are a guest in someone’s house?

Make your guests feel at home by leaving a framed welcome note for guests with helpful information on the dresser. Why do I say a framed note? That way you don’t have to rewrite it each time! Let’s get you started in making a note for your home. It’s quite easy.

First, think about what guests might want to know when they visit you. WIFI password? Extra towels? Where the snacks are? Make a list of helpful things for guests.

Next, add anything particular to your house. Maybe where to locate the ironing board, thermostat, tv, fuse box, and washing machine. Possibly add notes about the fitness options.  

Also, consider adding your contact information and location address. If a guest needs you or emergency services, having it on a note is quicker than looking it up.

Lastly, what do you want guests to do upon departure? My guest note asks them to please put the sheets and towels on the bathroom floor before they leave and push “run” on the thermostat to return it to its usual settings. Whether or not I’m home when the guests visit, this is just a helpful little request that lightens the workload. 

I have printed up my guest information and framed it in a 5×7 frame that sits on the dresser of the guestroom. Of course, you can write a welcome note to go alongside it but you’ll have all the information ready to go when your guests arrive. Now you will have more time to enjoy yourself with your guests and less time having to wonder if you told them all the important information in your welcome note for guests.

Like the welcome note, I often leave a note in the kitchen about where to find the coffee, snacks, and the time the meals will be. I like my guests to have the freedom to help themselves to breakfast, so I set out a few things with my note. 

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Table Talk: What ways do you help guests feel welcome in your home? What information do you want to know when staying at a friend’s house?

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