Sprinkle Joy Like Confetti

Sprinkle Joy Like Confetti
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What do you think about when you hear the quote “sprinkle joy like confetti”?

“Sprinkle joy like confetti” is an interesting quote. Does it make you think of a celebration? A cupcake with sprinkles? One of those party poppers? I think of glitter! You know, the glitter that gets all over you and you can’t wipe it off because it just spreads more? I think about little flower girls in twirly glittery tule skirts at a friend’s wedding. Everyone who held one of those girls had glitter on them, their clothes, and their cheeks. The father of the bride said he even had glitter in the back of his pickup truck after hauling around wedding supplies! Pretty sure the sewing room was never again glitter-free! But you know what? That glitter spread joy! Today it brought back pleasant memories of a wedding, love, flower girls, food trucks, and family fun on a beautiful October afternoon. 

I want to sprinkle around that kind of joy with my words and deeds. I want to do things that make people smile in the moment and in the memory. May starts the busy summer season of parties and celebrations. Don’t wait for an invite to start sprinkling joy. 

Generously give words of congratulations to every graduate you know, even before their big day. The last few days are often the hardest. Cheer them on! And that bride and groom? Encourage them to work in a date night just before the wedding, especially when everything is chaotic. Give them permission to go on a joy filled date, even if the wedding favors aren’t yet finished. Spread words of thanks to all the moms on mother’s day from the newbies to the empty nesters. Don’t just say “happy mother’s day.” Thank them for the long hours they put in rocking the baby at night or waiting for the garage door to open. Tell them those hours matter even if nobody is watching. Offer a night of free babysitting if you can or share a meal with the empty nesters. Serve up oatmeal this week to your kids with sprinkles or sparkly sugar on it. Send a card to a friend or relative. Or to all of them! Let your kids make the cards. 

Furthermore, don’t wait until the parties to throw the confetti or plant the seeds. Do it now! Buy some roll on glitter if you need some encouragement and then spread joy like confetti. Write cards with glitter gel pens. Leave notes on the bathroom mirror. Make someone’s day!  Spreading joy does not have to be expensive or complicated. What creative ways do you have for sprinkling joy like confetti?

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Table talk: Would you rather wear glitter lotion or write with glitter gel pens? What words of encouragement do you need to hear today?

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