Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss
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What would it look like to be your own boss?

Being your own boss means you work for yourself. You carry all the heavy responsibilities, but you also celebrate all the personal and professional wins. It’s a roller coaster that many people are trying to decide if it’s worth getting in line for. Some of you have been on this ride. You know the ups and downs.  Six percent of US employed people are self-employed and the average of self-employed workers worldwide is about 46% with variances across countries.

For me, going into business for myself means that I have the freedom to set my own hours, and I can be available for my family whenever they need me. My former jobs have not been so flexible, and, when my aging parents needed my help, I ended up quitting my teaching job to help them out. Being my own boss provides me flexibility in my hours and my location. Since starting my own business I have worked at home, in coffee shops, at relatives’ houses, and across the globe. 

The COVID pandemic gave many people the opportunity to try working at home, but that still did not offer the flexibility of working for yourself. It did give a good insight into home office arrangements and daily life/work balance. Just as every job is different, so are people. Working for yourself is not ideal for everyone or every job. But for some of you, this is the perfect solution. Some of the benefits of working for yourself are setting your own schedule, doing the work you love, becoming an expert in your field, using your creativity, and choosing where you work. Some of the struggles are wearing many hats to accomplish all the aspects of a business, tremendous hard work to keep a business afloat, and the fear of failure. You decide how and when your business will grow and you celebrate all the success of your hard work. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Is it much harder than it looks? Probably for most of us! 

I am currently creating a course on how to start your own tutoring or coaching business. When I chose to go into business for myself, I was at a loss for where to start. A checklist of business start-up items was not enough for me to work from. I had to research every item. My goal is to provide insight and tips for people to launch their own business, along with a checklist and an Asana template. You can avoid the mistakes I made and spend time on the items that are most important to your business start-up. 

As the school year wraps up, many teachers are thinking about summer tutoring or even full-time tutoring instead of teaching in the fall. This is a great time to start thinking about working for yourself no matter what career you are in. How can you take your gifts and skills, and launch your own business? Are you ready for an adventure? Start dreaming about it today! 

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Table Talk: What obstacles stand in your way? What benefits would there be to working for yourself? 

Being your own boss means you work for yourself. It’s a roller coaster that many are trying to decide if it’s worth getting in line for. Is it time for you?

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