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Start a Business NOW
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What month is a good time to start planning a new business?

October is a great time to start building a business that opens on January 1st. What are your roadblocks? Not enough time? Not sure of the steps? Not confident in your ability to start a business? Keep reading for answers to these questions.

Schedule time into your weekly schedule to build your business. An hour here or there will give you time to work through the steps to building your own business. My 12 short online lessons walk you though the 200+ steps of starting your own tutoring, coaching, or lessons business. While it’s geared toward tutors and coaches, the majority of the steps are very applicable to many small business start ups. You will get organized action steps with each lesson and a pdf or Asana checklist to keep you on track to completing the steps. Scheduling time each week and working through the checklist will build your confidence AND your business. Business Basics course is self paced and begins the moment you purchase it. Now would be a great time to start it!

Why is October a good time to start planning your business?

Taxes for LLCs and other corporations begin accruing on January 1 so for me it made sense to start all the business paperwork and steps in October to fully launch a business in January. Depending on how fast your state processes new LLCs filings, it could take you a few minutes to a few weeks to get approval.

Whether you will work in person or online, you can begin planning out your business using my Business Basics customizable master checklist. What’s more, you will get valuable content on how to set up and grow your business beyond just a checklist. You also get simple templates help you craft your business plan, your sales pitch, and more. 

Ready to start? Check out my Business Basics page today. Not sure if you are ready to start? Check out my Business Basics page today! Already have a small business but want to be sure you actually have covered all the basics you need to have in place to grow your business, including a 30 day marketing challenge to give you a boost? Enroll in Business Basics today!

You are strong enough to push aside the roadblocks to start planning your small business and gain the freedom you want. October is a great time to begin!

Table Talk: What type of business do you dream about starting? Which are bigger, your roadblocks or your dreams of business freedom and joy?

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