Product Review: How to Invest $1000

Product Review: How to Invest $1000
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How would you invest $1000?

Does investing seem like a daunting challenge? Zach Reynolds unpacks this in his video “How to Invest $1000” by giving viewers three different ways to invest money and what the returns could look like. 

Zach is passionate about personal finance and helping others save money. He posts new videos on his channel each Monday with topics like credit card balances, stock market, and credit scores. Most of his videos are six to ten minutes long. Zach has been steadily growing his subscribers and his content in the past few years. You will want to investigate his YouTube channel for more personal finance tips.

Here are a few of Zach Reynolds’s most popular videos:

How to Increase Your Credit Score in 2022

Apple Card Review

Capital One 360 Checking Review

As a young entrepreneur, getting subscribers to follow your channel is one of the best ways to build up your business. Follow Zach for two reasons: increase your financial knowledge and increase his subscribers. It’s a win win that won’t cost you anything! 

Know of other young entrepreneurs with up and coming channels or websites? Drop a link to them in the comments so we can check them out.

Want to invest less than a thousand? Purchase my course and start your own tutoring or business!

Table Talk: What young entrepreneurs do you know and how can you help them grow their businesses? What’s the best way to invest $1000?

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