March Madness College Spreadsheet

March Madness College Spreadsheet
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Does March Madness bring thoughts of basketball tournaments or college tours?

Brain overload accompanied my first college visit with my daughter, but it got easier after that. What did not get easier was the amount of information we got and how to keep track of it all. We ended up creating a shared spreadsheet of information. This useful college planner tool helped us track the information, prioritize colleges for application, and organize the application process and products required for each one. We chose to make it a shared document which was also super helpful as we could both add information or check due dates. 

Having gone through this process several times with my kids and clients, I find myself suggesting a collaborative spreadsheet to others time and time again. While the decision is highly personal, the process is quite standard. Now available for sale, is my College Planner Spreadsheet tool. This College Planner tool will help organize all the information you gather, even suggesting categories you may not have thought about. You can edit the form to fit your needs. This information will be helpful when visiting colleges, narrowing down which ones to apply to, preparing for applications and interviews, and making final decisions. Whether you are looking at undergrad or grad school, this tool is for you.

Along with the College Research gathering spreadsheet, there is a To Do spreadsheet that has been started for you, and an Apply spreadsheet that will help you organize your application process. As a BONUS, there is a Scholarship spreadsheet that will help you organize information about scholarships to apply for.     

Once you gather plenty of information, color code the schools based on your preference (green= yes, yellow= maybe, red= no) for application. Once you get acceptance letters back you can redo your color-coding to help narrow your choices or come up with a system that works for you. 

This product is an editable Google Sheet. You can also convert it from a Google Sheet into an Excel Spreadsheet. It’s available on my website or in my Teacher Pay Teacher store for only $5. Please share this valuable tool with other parents and friends. 

The majority of high school juniors start their college tours in the spring. Let the March Madness begin! Whether you are a student or a parent, best wishes on this exciting new chapter of life!

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Table Talk: What does March Madness mean to you? What advice would you give your high school self about college?

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