Reset the house

Reset the house
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How long does it take you to unpack after a trip?

I’m halfway through my own Clean the Chaos course and highly motivated to keep my rooms clean and reset the house. (Yes, I’m taking my OWN course!) We recently came home from a beach trip and would have normally had time to unpack, do laundry, grocery shop, etc. But instead, we went to the airport to pick up international friends whose flight was delayed 2 days. Unexpected houseguest on top of regular house guests and unpacking from a trip was delightful chaos, of which we are quite accustomed to. We survived pretty easily on pantry supplies, popsicles, air mattresses, and board games. However, once everyone left I was itching to get my closet back together. I had emptied my suitcase on the floor, piled in some clean laundry, and tried to sort out travel supplies in one corner.

My previously clean closet motivated me to not wait very long before taking the time to return it to order after my trip. Same with the rest of my house. Now that my linen closet and guest rooms have been decluttered, it makes me want to quickly do laundry and reset the rooms after guests have visited. September is a great time to get the summer toys and pool towels stored for next year. As you reset your schedule this fall, set aside some time to declutter your house. My Clean the Chaos course allows busy people to clean and sort their houses in a year. Set aside a day or two each month and you can sort through your house in a year. You get 2 emails a month and a new downloadable cleaning checklist. The first month of the course is free! Give it a try! Start your house reset now! 

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Table Talk: When was the last time you reset your bedroom and closet? How long do you usually wait to unpack after a trip?

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