Quick Cleaning Tips

Quick Cleaning Tips
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What do you clean if you just have 10 minutes?

Here are a few easy tips from my Clean the Chaos workshop for doing some quick cleaning or organizing if you just have a few minutes. For most of us, we have some extra minutes during the summer where we can actually do a quick project indoors to avoid the outside heat or to get ourselves off the couch. Got a few extra minutes? Choose a room and a task from the quick cleaning suggestions below. 


2 min Tidy: pick up dirty clothes, set out tomorrow’s outfit, spot treat a garment

5 min Freshen: start a load of laundry, fold a load of laundry

10 min Tackle: declutter a dresser drawer, mend clothes


2 min Tidy: tidy up a drawer or counter, wipe the toilet seat, wipe the mirror, take stock of the supplies

5 min Freshen: wipe down all the surfaces and polish the faucets, clean shower curtain or door, dust the fan

10 min Tackle: clean the faucets and shower heads, dust or wash the light fixtures, use one of those beauty masks then hop in the shower and scrub down the tile while you wait

Living rooms:

2 min Tidy: toss trash, straighten pillows and blankets on couch, declutter a surface

5 min Freshen: refold blankets, tidy coffee table books, rehome items to other rooms,

10 min Tackle: declutter a basket, vacuum and dust


2 min Tidy: toss trash, wipe down the counters and sink, empty dishwasher, put out fresh towels

5 min Freshen: prep fresh veggies for lunches, tidy a shelf or cupboard, shop in the pantry or freezer for meal ideas

10 min Tackle: meal prep, wash out trash cans

Deep cleaning and organizing a room once a year or so will make it much easier to tidy it, do weekly cleaning tasks, and use your spare minutes to quick clean. Which of these tasks above do you think you can tackle today? Post a reply in the comments below.

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Table Talk: Which chores do you avoid doing? What’s your favorite way to spend 10 minutes?

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