10 Spring Cleaning Tips

10 Spring Cleaning Tips
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Would you rather shake the rugs or dust the ceiling fans?

My number one spring cleaning tip, of course, is to sign up for my Clean the Chaos course and you’ll be cleaning and decluttering each space of your home throughout the year without a need for a big spring cleaning! Did I mention that for less than $50 for the year, you get a 5 step system that works in every space along with monthly checklists and motivational emails? You can sign up right now for free and get started! If you love it, you can buy the rest of the course. 

Spring is a time of refresh after the winter. There are so many little things you can do to welcome spring into your home and clean out the winter cobwebs. This is not an ultimate spring cleaning list, but a few useful tips to reset your home for spring. 

Dust cobwebs off ceiling, ceiling fans, vents, and light fixtures. (And vacuum up the dust that falls down!)

Wash the baseboards and hose vacuum the edge of the carpet where it meets the wall (you know that long crevice that your regular vacuum misses!).

Clean the curtains and blinds to get ready to welcome in the sunshine without having a cloud of dust come down when you push open the drapes.

Clean out the wood burning fireplaces and air out the house.

Wash the shower curtains and bathroom rugs. Check on replacing the shower curtain liner.

Wash the mattress pads and vacuum the bed (while you are at it, clean under the bed too!).

Clean and put away winter tools and winter wear, tossing missing mitten mates. 

Shake off and vacuum the door mats (consider updating to a spring welcome mat – I have 2 or 3 mats I rotate through instead of buying a new one until I need it).

Sweep off your front and back porches and dust off the outdoor furniture. Get ready to soak in some sunshine!

Push back the blinds and open the windows if you can. Air out the house and welcome the sunshine. Do not put off a few cleaning chores any longer. Schedule time to do some spring cleaning. You will not regret it!

Bonus tip: Check out the local farmers market for some spring flowers for your table or yard. A pot of pansies on the porch is a great way to welcome spring and bring a smile to your face (and your neighbor’s!)

Table Talk: What spring cleaning chore do you dread most? What sign signals that it is time to begin spring cleaning?

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