Parenting Podcast Review: M is for Mama

Parenting Podcast Review: M is for Mama
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What is your favorite parenting podcast?

Podcasts are all the rage these days, but honestly, I’m not one who listens to many. A recent car trip found me downloading a few podcasts and audiobooks. I almost forget how nice it is to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks! After reading this review, I hope you will give this parenting podcast, M is for Mama, a try whether you are a regular podcast listener or an infrequent one like me. 

I have been following Abbie Halberstadt for a while on Instagram and am looking forward to her upcoming book Hard is Not the Same Thing as Bad. She often posts about the miraculous and messy world of motherhood. She and her husband have 10 children (including 2 sets of twins) and their story can be found on her parenting podcast. I especially liked the first episode about how she came to buy a necklace with an “m” on it and it sparked the title of her blog, first book, and podcast “M is for Mama.” Another episode that resonated with me was episode 13 where Abbie interviews her mom and talks about leaving a legacy for your kids and grandkids. 

The majority of the episodes are around 30 minutes long and delve into her practical mothering, her years of experience, and the source of her hope and joy. This one, episode 12 , focuses on her second book Hard is Not the Same Thing as Bad: The Perspective Shift That Could Completely Change the Way You Mother which is available September 2023. If you love a good birth story, she’s got plenty of them! 

Abbie’s down-to-earth honesty is refreshing and her parenting podcasts are easy to listen to and uplifting. If you, or a mama you know, is looking for something new, check out M is for Mama on any platform you find your podcasts. 

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Table Talk: What does “hard is not the same thing as bad” make you think about? What is your favorite podcast for parents?

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