Best Back to School Traditions

Best Back to School Traditions
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What are your back to school traditions?

The start of a new school year can be a hard transition from the freedom of summer break for some parents and kids. Having some back-to-school traditions can ease this transition. Ice cream night was our favorite and best back-to-school tradition. On the first day of school (and the last) we went out to ice cream for dinner. We asked good questions and the kids actually gave answers between bites. It was casual but meaningful. 

Other families have a special breakfast on the first day of school or a school supply shopping day. Some families prioritize the first day of school photo shoot on the front porch. It all comes down to being intentional and building traditions. Maybe it did not start out at first as something that would become a tradition or ease the transition, but eventually, families repeat special moments, and traditions are begun.

As a teacher and tutor, I have the opportunity to talk with students at the start of the school year. One of my traditions is asking students to tell me what they character traits hope their new teacher will see in them. With some praise and encouragement we set some goals that motivate the student to show that character trait. It helps smooth the back-to-school jitters and gives students the opportunities to rise above the reputations they had the previous year or to stand strong in their commitment to excellence. And when I ask if their parents take them out to ice cream on the first day, it gives them something to bring up at the dinner table that night! 

Our friends and family all knew about “ice cream on the first day of school” and sometimes joined in or started their own traditions. My girls carried this on through college and I’m sure will have similar traditions with their own children no matter how they decide to school them.

Whether or not you have kids in school, creating back-to-school traditions with kids you know can be a great way to mentor, tutor, and build relationships. What family can you invite out to ice cream on the first day of school? We think ice cream night is the best back-to-school tradition ever! We even carried this tradition into the graduation party when we served ice cream sundaes!

I would love to hear your traditions. Comment below!

Table Talk: How did your family help ease the transition from summer to school? Who can you take out for ice cream and celebrate a new school year, a new job, or a new season of life?

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