Back to School Routines

Back to School Routines
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What does back to school make you think of?

For many adults, “back to school” conjures up shopping for school supplies like yellow No. 2 pencils and new folders. Supplies nowadays are ordered at the click of a button and homework routines involve watching YouTube while pretending to work. It’s time to get back to the healthy routines and rhythms of life. Here’s a few tips for setting your family or tutoring clients up for success.

Choose a homework spot no matter if your child is 5 or 15. Give them a little say in the matter, even if it’s just what new supplies to add to their workstation. Make it easy for them to get started on school work each day.

Choose a new school supply that is not on the list. Let your child choose a fun colored homework folder or a set of colored pencils for home. My kids and tutoring clients are always excited about new dry erase markers in fun colors. (Brainstorming essay outlines, math problems, and to do lists are always more fun on a dry erase board!)

Draw up some back to school routines that work for your family. Consider bedtimes that allow your child to rest well and without electronics. (Numerous clients of mine complain about being so tired at school and falling asleep in class and then tell me how little sleep they get on a regular basis.) Set up a regular time for homework and projects, whether it’s right after school or right after dinner. Schedule yourself some paperwork to do so you will also be nearby and available. Even little siblings can have some “work time” with books or educational toys for a short time. 

Set aside time to read each day. Whether you read to your kids, with your kids, or in the same room as your kids, reading together as a family is back to school routine that can regulate the rhythms of life and boost academic growth. 

Don’t neglect breakfast! If schedules permit, sit down together and eat well. If not, make grab and go items healthy choices. 

No kids? You can still set up some healthy routines for yourself or help other families do the same. Get a new school supply! Sleep and eat well! Read on a regular basis! 

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Table Talk: What was your favorite new school supply? Which of the tips above is the hardest for you to implement and why?

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