Declutter your Bedroom and Closet

Declutter your Bedroom and Closet
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Do you long to walk into a bedroom that is calm and peaceful or open a closet that is not chaotic and cluttered?

We all have that cluttered area in our bedroom or drawer that’s a catchall for things. Things we may need soon or often. Things that we do not know where else to put. Things that need to be repaired. And random other things that we have no idea how they got there. Do you need to declutter your bedroom and closet? 

For some of us, our houses may seem organized at first glance, but open a closet or catchall drawer, and you will readjust your original opinion of our organization. It is not a lack of cleanliness or habitual hoarding. It is not having a place for everything and everything in its place.

Does this sound like you? Do you long to walk into a home that is calm and peaceful not chaotic and cluttered? Have you attempted to organize but found other things that got in the way of your goals?

A few years ago I decided to go through my house room by room. My goal was to do one space a month, taking an hour or two where I could find it, and sorting/purging/cleaning/organizing until I had calmed the chaos that was exploding in the closets and drawers. I actually managed to do ALL of it in one year except for the garage. I felt so much better about my space and my stuff.

Like most of you, time has passed and clutter has built back up. I am ready to start again and I am inviting you to join me. The first space I am tackling is my closet and bedroom. I am allocating this month to complete this project. I have a task checklist, organizational tips, and weekly motivational emails ready for you.

Wondering what my decluttering strategy is, how Pinteresty I want your closet to be, or how much I will demand you purge? No worries. Every one of us had different tastes, spaces, and needs. My first goal is that I keep what I need and want and have a space for everything. At the end of the day, everything should be in its space and every new item you bring into your house should have a space not a temporary landing in the catchall pile. My second goal is to be motivated to go through everything in a timely manner (hence the monthly and year long goals). My outcomes are tidy spaces and a peaceful feel when I walk in the door or open a drawer.

This workshop is not a decluttering method or minimalist approach, rather a strategic room by room plan to tackle each space of your house. You have a unique style and definition of calm and clean. You have different functional needs than the people next door to you. Intentional decluttering will help you sort and store your things. You will smile more and sigh less in the calm and clean spaces you create. Want to know the best news? The first month of this workshop is free!

Who wants to join me this month to tackle the closet and bedroom chaos? We will start with the closet/dresser/clothes and go from there. Can you commit a few hours a week to tackle the chaos? The first room is always the most challenging because you are not in the habit. The task checklist for each space will follow a similar plan and become easier as the weeks go on. Clean the chaos at home!

Why the clothes and bedroom first? Why not something easy like the bathroom or coat closet? Well, we often put ourselves last in the priority category and often our rooms become that catchall area. I want to climb in bed each night in a peaceful place, like the uncluttered feel of a nice hotel. I want to open my closet and make an easy decision of what to wear as I tackle the day. I want a tidy space to put laundry away. The results of this small project will motivate me to extend that peace and calm to other rooms of my house. (Want to join me for the whole year? More details about that during the free workshop!)

What about my spouse or roommate or kids? If possible, get them to commit to decluttering along with you, whether step by step or pitching in an hour at the end to help decide what goes and what stays. Or team up with a friend and do your space together then theirs.

Click here to join this challenge for one month for free. Forward this to a friend or post on social media. Who’s in? Clean closet coming your way! 

I’m in! Procrastination only prolongs the peace. 

Table Talk: What are you procrastinating doing? How would cleaning your closet bring calm to your space? 

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