Table Talk 3 Especially for the Younger Years

Table Talk 3 Especially for the Younger Years
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When was the last time you had an engaging conversation with a preschooler?

It is never too early to begin asking good questions, especially at the kitchen table. I love asking kids questions. My favorite question is “Are you more like a pencil or a school bus?” While that is a great conversation starter, it does not really work with the younger years. They are more inclined to answer “should kids have a bedtime?” or “what does grandma do when she is not at our house?” What you need is a list of conversation starters for preschoolers. 

I created Table Talk 3 especially for the younger years. Use the 30 printable Table Talk questions at home, in carpool, at school, and just about anywhere. You can ask questions on the list, in any order, or you can print and cut out the cards. You can use one a day or spread a few of them around a table to use as conversation starters at your next party. You’ll be more likely to actually remember to ask good questions if you print them out and put them on the table! When was the last time you had an engaging  conversation with a preschooler? Try this out today with one of the questions below or purchase the set on Etsy.

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Table Talk (from this set): Who is the oldest person you know? What tv show could your pet join? What would happen if the sun stopped shining?

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