Rivers of Red Mud

Rivers of Red Mud
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When was the last time your socks turned red from the clay mud?

Having grown up in Oregon with its dark and fertile soil, the rivers of red mud in Virginia were a shock to my college experience. Recently those memories flooded back when I was driving through my small town in North Carolina during a rainstorm. Rivers of red mud flowed down both sides of the road running off the construction sites of new neighborhoods. 

Rivers of red mud signal construction to me. My university was (forever) under construction during my college years. In the past, we have lived in new neighborhoods with constant construction. My current hometown is expanding by leaps and bounds. New neighborhoods are cropping up all over. 

Construction is not necessarily a bad thing, but the growing pains are more evident during these seasons. Rivers of red mud remind me that change is here. Have you been in a season of change this year? New job? New baby? New location? New heart attitude? New health plan?

My business is in a season of growth and change as well. I’m learning to build a new website from scratch (coming later in 2023). I’m creating new courses, including Calm the Chaos at Home where I’ll help you declutter in a timely manner. This past year was my second full year of entirely virtual tutoring and coaching sessions, and I loved it! This year I published a course on how to start your own business. That was a huge and challenging construction project for me but it just whet my appetite for creating more courses. I’m excited to see what 2023 brings. 

Whatever season you are in, be all there. Learn as much as you can. Grow, change, flourish. Tailor joy in your everyday life. Smile more and sigh less. Here’s to more growth but less rivers of red mud in the new year! 

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Table Talk: Was your childhood filled with dark brown soil, red clay, or sand? What season of growth are you in? What changes do you need to make in the next year?

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