Four in a Row Game Board

Four in a Row Game Board
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Was Connect Four a favorite game in your childhood?

Four in a Row is a simple game where the goal is to score four boxes in a row in any direction, yet it becomes a complex game when you apply strategies to keep the other player from scoring four in a row first! The supplies are minimal – a four in a row game board and two colored pencils. 

To help one of my tutoring clients be more engaged in reading and comprehending his spelling word patterns instead of just memorizing the letters, I pulled up a four in a row game board and typed in his spelling list. In order to score a box, he had to correctly pronounce the word on the first try. He likes a good competition so this challenge pulled him right in! Soon he was thinking more about a word and sounding out in his head before saying it. Typically I like students to go ahead and attempt hard words and process them aloud and ask for help when needed. However, this was the perfect challenge to push my client to the next level! If he said it wrong, he did not get the box. He rarely missed! It was so fun that I created individual game boards for numerous clients that week. They loved the game-style approach to review and practice!

I created an editable game board template for you to use, too! Four in a Row is fun with blank boxes or when you fill in vocabulary, math facts, sight words, ESL words, or abc/color recognition. The download contains more tips and directions, but it can be tailored to almost any grade level or subject. You can use it online as a Google slide or you can print a copy to use on paper. If you already have flashcards for a subject, you can use a blank board and just have each person draw a flashcard and quiz the person whose turn it is. A correct answer results in the player coloring in a box of his choice. Older students can fill in their own boards. It would be great to keep in the homework supplies for a fun activity. Keep reading to see how to get your free editable Four in a Row game board. 

Whether you are a teacher, tutor, event planner, homeschool family, or parent, this is for you. Are you already thinking of how you might use it? I would love to hear your ideas in the comment box.

four in a row game

Click to download a pdf of your free Four in a Row editable Game Board

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Table Talk: Do you prefer Connect Four or Uno? What subject might be fun to review with the Four in a Row board? 

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