Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday
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What small businesses can you support this week?

The week of Thanksgiving is all about turkey and transactions. It’s the rush of getting all the dinner supplies (or at least the few things you were assigned to bring plus a hostess gift to apologize for not wanting to go to all the trouble to host this year) and weeding through all the Black Friday ads in your inbox and phone. In the age of online shopping, Amazon has been bookmarked and bots are hired to do your searching. Too bad there is not yet a robotic maid, housekeeper, and cook to take care of Thanksgiving dinner. 

Actually there are plenty of ways to support small businesses in your Thanksgiving week. Instead of ordering it all online or purchasing at a big box store, try getting a few items locally from small businesses. Buy local produce. Pick up a fresh pie or flowers from a local business. Hire a friend to help cook or clean this week. 

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday. It follows Black Friday and comes before Cyber Monday. Sometimes the joy of shopping is lost in the rush of Black Friday. Think about how you can support small businesses this shopping season. Lots of us are having sales this week and are not purchasing social media ads to tell you about it. Take some time this week to shop local and small businesses. Get a giftcard to a local small business when you need teacher gifts. Walk down main street of your town on Saturday and find some small business to support. 

When you shop on Amazon, look for the “small business” icon or use the “support small” Amazon search. It might not come within 24 hours but those of us on the business end are smiling with joy when a customer actually purchases from our small business! Whether you shop online or in person this week, try to support a few small businesses. When our phones ping with sales reports, we smile more and sigh less! 

I have some free educational products like “Note Talking Tips” and “Test Taking Tips” in my Teachers Pay Teachers online store. It’s free to sign up for an account and you do not need to be a teacher. Grab a free product this week! Every TPT store is required to have at least one free downloadable product. Click here to visit my TPT store.

I have art and home décor in my Etsy shop including Christmas printables, Table Talk Conversation Card sets, and Adjective Art signs. Click here to visit my Etsy store. 

Both of these shops are just branches of my company Tailor Joy LLC where I offer educational services (tutoring and coaching), courses (how to start your own small business or teach your kids vocabulary words), and resources (educational products and art). All products designed to help you smile more and sigh less! 

Are you a Christmas prepper or last minute shopper? Read more.

Table Talk: Name 4 friends who run small businesses. Do you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the satisfaction of a brick and mortar shop experience?

Support small and local businesses during this week! Thank you!

As a special thank you to my readers, I have a 22% off coupon for my courses and workshops. Ready to start your own small business now? Take my Business Basics course. (Or purchase this course for a family member who just needs that extra push to start the business of their dreams!) Want to help your kids learn their vocabulary words besides just memorizing the list? Take my Teach Vocabulary Workshop. Visit my course page and see what course is for you. Use coupon code startnow22 to get 22% off the purchase price Nov. 24-28 only! 

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