Book Review: Lazy Genius Kitchen

Book Review: Lazy Genius Kitchen
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Where do you put your dirty dishes in your kitchen?

We all have routines. In my house the dirty dishes go to the left of the sink before they get loaded into the dishwasher, which hopefully happens shortly thereafter. Best selling author Kendra Adachi writes Lazy Genius Kitchen so we can “have what you need, use what you have, and enjoy it like never before.” Do my dishes go to the left of the sink because that’s where there’s more counter space or because that’s the dirty dishes zone that frees up all the rest of my kitchen space for other things?

Recently a friend loaned me this book and said it is much like how I already run my household. That was true! The book is a “slightly sassy” guidebook to organizing your kitchen using the Lazy Genius Principles. Adachi gives the framework to prioritize what matters most in your kitchen and build a system that makes it easy for you to enjoy your kitchen and mealtimes. This book is jam packed with helpful references on how to cook, how to make meals taste good, how to use kitchen tools, and how to simplify all the tasks and hard things in the kitchen. 

I wish this book had been available when I was younger! It would have helped me to hone my routines much earlier in life. It is not just about where to put the dirty dishes but having a system of right routines, going in the right order and asking the magic question along the way. “What can I do now to make life easier later?” This book is all about principles that you apply to your life, not a specific system to copy. What a relief! My favorite part of the book is actually the tips at the end such as “How to Never Run out of Food at a Party,” “How to Clean out the Fridge,” and “How to host Thanksgiving.” 

Adachi’s original book The Lazy Genius Way goes more in depth into the principles and this book applies them specifically to your kitchen. Either book is a winner, but The Lazy Genius Kitchen would be perfect for bridal showers or baby showers. 

Check to see if either of these books is available in your public library or order yourself a copy today. Want more book reviews? Click here. 

Table Talk: What is your system for cleaning up after a meal? What is one area of your kitchen life that you wished you knew more about – techniques, taste, tools, task, or tips for making hard stuff easier?

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