A nose for organizing

A nose for organizing
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Which scent makes you smile - springtime lilacs, ocean breezes, Kimpton hotels, or your mom’s perfume?

Let me share with you something I learned recently while trying to find a new perfume and how it got me thinking about my business and my nose for organizing. 

Perfumes have 3 fragrance notes or 3 different scent layers that make a perfume unique and appealing. Top notes you smell first. Heart notes are the foundation and influence the base, and base notes deepen the complexity and create a lasting impression. That got me thinking about how my love for organizational systems helped me start my business and blog, Tailor Joy. 


The opening notes of my business are my tips and tools for your everyday life delivered in my slightly zany, outside the box manner that brings a smile to your face when you discover them. The heart notes are my systems of organization for approaching life’s curves with confidence such as my resources for tutoring or starting your own business, or my private tutoring and coaching services. The base notes are my background as a teacher, wife, and mom that provides years of experience problem-solving in everyday life and the desire to share that practical wisdom to help you see the joy in your everyday life.


I’ve got a nose for organizing things, and I love it when the project turns out well whether it’s cleaning my closet, coaching a client, planning meals, or researching colleges. It makes me smile to organize something or create a task system! For years I would get asked how I organize my weekly meal plans, how my daughter chose AP classes in high school to save a year of college expenses, how I started my own tutoring business, and how I organized my daughter’s wedding myself. I began saving and resending the same emails to friends who asked questions and realized that others would benefit from my systems and techniques. That’s when I started my weekly blog posts and newsletter called 2 Minutes Together. My goal is to help others smile more and sigh less as I share tips, tools, and techniques that I have found helpful. The different notes of my business blend together to make the special scent called Tailor Joy

Here are a few of the task systems I have created at Tailor Joy LLC. For most organizational tasks, there is not one right way to approach it, but it is important that the system works for the user. While I love the beauty of organization, I also love the freedom of flexibility I have to implement a plan in any given situation. All of my systems are customizable to your needs and preferences, which is another one of the unique notes of my business. I have lots of freebies out there to get you started. Charcuterie boards, clean closets, and note taking never smelled sweeter! 

Task Sytems, Tools, and Techniques from Tailor Joy LLC

How to create a charcuterie board – free



How to start a Book Club for kids – paid



How to take notes – free



How to take useful notes – paid



How to make good use of waiting time with kids by playing games – free



How to organize your notes and links when researching colleges – paid




How to help your kids learn their vocabulary words – paid



How to learn vocabulary – for kids – paid



How to run a tutoring session – free



How to start your own tutoring/coaching/lessons business – paid



How to clean your bedroom and closet – free



How to clean the chaos at home – paid (first month free)




How to spring cleaning – free



How to start meal planning – free



How to use Asana, a work management tool – free



Table Talk: What in your life needs organizing? Would you rather organize your closet or have someone organize it for you? Which free tool do you plan to download?

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Comment below on which one you think will be most useful to you or how you plan to modify it to work for you.

I also offer private coaching for additional support, personalization, and accountability in using these task systems. 

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