Top 5 things for booking a multigenerational vacation home

Top 5 things for booking a multigenerational vacation home
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What is your top thing to consider when booking a beach rental?

Booking a beach rental for one family is complicated enough but add several families or generations and things get even trickier. Knowing the top 5 things to consider when booking a multigenerational vacation home will help you narrow your options within your price range fairly quickly. We are heading to the beach this summer with our grown kids, a baby, a great grandma and a great aunt. These tips helped me narrow the search pretty fast and the added amenities such as linens and beach bikes sealed the deal. 

1. How close do you want to be to the beach? Toddlers require naps and frequent bathroom breaks as do some grandparents. Choosing a beachfront home can make those trips quicker or allow people at the house to watch the beach fun. Those with older kids or just adults can usually save money by choosing second row houses.

2. Next, consider thmobility of guests. Do need a house without steps or something with an elevator? Check out the house layout of mobility is a concern.

3. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms can make a big difference when hosting a successful multigenerational family beach trip. Not everyone needs their own bathroom but having some extras available for urgent needs is helpful and thoughtful. Putting grandparents in the main level master can help them feel a part of the activity or offering them a quiet room on another level might provide them a quiet escape. Bunking a family with young children together is doable if a bathroom is attached. Or consider a “cousins” bunk room if that applies to your group. Even if houses say that the living room couch is a sleeping option, consider NOT using that so guests have a place to stay up late or get up early without disturbing someone’ssleep. 

4. Along with the number of bedrooms, check out the number of parking spots available so that all your cars are covered if you will have multiple vehicles on this vacation.

5. Lastly, check the cancellation policy. Hopefully you do not need it but what if a family emergency occurs and you need to cancel? Will that be an option for your rental house? Is trip insurance available?

If you have never taken a multigenerational trip, consider it! My mom has lived with us for a few years and my kids visit often so this type of vacation is not much different for us. We take turns planning meals and cooking. Everyone makes their own breakfasts and lunches with the supplies on hand. We make a list of local activities and don’t get upset when someone wants to just hang out at the house. Most of our beach trips are low key and involve lots of reading and walking on the beach and naps in the shade. For destination vacations families might consider one main event per day to allow downtime and rest. 

We have taken elderly and sick relatives on vacations where they can see much of the activities from the livingroom or porch. It makes them feel included and entertained. Add a big puzzle to the mix and you have hours of multigenerational fun! Use these 5 tips to start planning your next multigenerational beach trip. 

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Table Talk: Who would you take on your next mutligenerational vacation? What is the number one thing you consider when looking for a beach rental house?

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