Ministry Review: Moms In Prayer International

Ministry Review: Moms In Prayer International
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Is praying for an hour straight hard or easy for you?

“Moms in Prayer International impacts children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray.” This tagline says it all and it’s probably one of the best parenting decisions I ever made. For many years I joined like minded moms in praying for our children, their schools, and their teachers. 

What started as two moms praying together in 1984 has now grown to groups in over 150 countries with the vision that eventually every school in the world would be covered by a group of praying moms. The premise is to pray for your kids and their schools for an hour each week. I really liked the format they provide weekly, which is an outline for your prayer time and starts with highlighting an attribute of God. Since the groups are organized by schools, it’s not likely that everyone is from the same church which I found to be a strength. The best part of my week was the hour spent with sisters in Christ, passionate about our kids, schools and teachers. When I went back to work as a teacher, I also really appreciated knowing that there was a group of moms praying for ME each week. While this started with just praying for school age children, it has grown to include older children, teachers who pray, and even a group for girls. All the materials for the leaders are provided on the website. 

Praying for an hour was never a problem. Our groups were committed to starting and ending on time and if you wanted to chat, that was outside the hour of prayer. Like all organizations, it really depends on the group leader as to whether or not it’s successful so I always hesitate to give a blanket approval of an international organization, but this group has solid statement of faith. Now is a perfect time to look and see if there’s a group in your area or check on starting one. Click here to see a page about getting connected to a local group. If you are interested in seeing what the format for an hour long session is, click here. There are weekly prayer sheets to use. When my girls were in high school, we would pray for teachers and staff by name. By dividing up the names, we could pray for every teacher at least once a month and the principal every week. If we knew specific needs we could include those. Since my girls went to two different schools, I joined back to back groups on Monday mornings. It was the best way to start the week and never a waste of time! 

Besides arming myself with Biblical knowledge about parenting from good resources and mentors, joining a Moms in Prayer group was one of the best decisions I ever made. These ladies were prayer warriors for my children, coming alongside me in asking God’s protection on them and His guidance on their decisions. The support was amazing! If you are a mom, I highly recommend looking into Moms in Prayer International.  Would you like to be a part of a group like this? 

Table Talk: When have you considered joining a small group for prayer or accountability? What would it take for you to lead a small group like this?

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