Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays
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What strategies do you put in place when your college kids come home for the holidays?

With spring break just around the corner, here are 4 tips for not just surviving but thriving in the holidays when your kids come home. Whether they are in college or beyond, things are bound to be different when your adult kids come home to visit. Open communication of expectation is key to enjoying time when your kids come home for the holidays, whether it is spring break, winter break, or summer. While it is nice to have help when everyone is home, a short visit probably is not the time to load them up on chores unless it has been stated ahead of time that it is basement cleaning time. 

Tips to Help Your Family Thrive

  1. Schedule some mutually agreed upon family time before the calendar fills up
  2. Discuss expectations and respect each other’s space
  3. Choose an activity or two to do together (see list below)
  4. Get to know each other as adults


To balance out the time at home, consider choosing an activity or two to enjoy together. You could even share this post with them and have them pick the activities. Getting to know your kids as adults is a mutually beneficial thing. Getting to know their friends or spouses is equally beneficial. Hosting a family game night is a great way to do this.

Activity Suggestions

game night

cook meals together (teach them a favorite or family recipe) 

plant a garden or pot a houseplant

try their hobby (or learn a new one together)

listen to live music at a concert hall or coffee house

volunteer together at a shelter

run errands for a neighbor

play disc golf or pickleball

go visit a friend in a nursing home

tidy up childhood space or redecorate it

look at old photos together

go to a game (former high school or professional)

go on self guided walking tour of your town (search for “one day itinerary” in your town for creative ideas)

create a new family tradition

photograph the family recipe file and created a shared folder online for family members

go thrift shopping

go on a food tour or progressive dinner

plan an upcoming vacation

plan a family reunion

other? (let each person submit 2 ideas)

Want more tips? Read this guest post my daughter wrote on smooth transitions from college to home. Got some tips for us? Post in the comments below your activity suggestions or tips for thriving when your kids are home for the holidays. 

Table Talk: What is one expectation you have with holiday visits? What do you love to do with your family? 

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