Product Review: Qwirkle

Product Review: Qwirkle
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What game can you play as a multigenerational family?

There are so many games on the market that it is hard to know which ones to add to your family collection. One fun game we were introduced to a few years ago was Qwirkle. My aunt was surprised we did not own it, so she purchased it for our family vacation. It was a hit, and we have since purchased it for others.

What makes Qwirkle a hit? It is easy to learn how to play, even with nonreaders or those who do not enjoy complicated games. As many as 4 people can play but you could do teams for larger families or younger kids. The game consists of 108 square tiles with 6 different colors and shapes on them. To play the game you create rows of like colors or like shapes. Points are scored for the number of tiles you play with additional bonus points being given for a “qwirkle” which is when you complete a row of 6 with no duplicates. This game is part chance and part skill! The game can take from 30-45 minutes depending on how contemplative the players are. 

I am not a huge fan of board games but even I love this game which makes my family members happy to know there is a game we can all play. Qwirkle would be a good option for birthday or graduation gifts. Or to bring to a family reunion. You may be surprised at who the winners are! One friend I gave the game to even told me of taking Qwirkle on an international trip and playing with nonEnglish speakers.

Want suggestions for a much shorter game? Blink is a speedy card game played by 2 players who race to match cards with shape, number, or color. In the blink of an eye, the game is done! This is another game that is enjoyed by multigenerational families. You can even keep a deck in your car for unexpected wait times. 

Post your favorite multigenerational family games in the comments below!

Table Talk: What is your favorite game? What multigenerational game would you suggest families purchase for their next game night? What game do you hope to never have to play again?

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