Love Is

Love Is
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What is love?

Love is a phone chat with a best friend who lives far away. Love is smores on Sunday nights when you really want smore weekend time together with family. Love is a peaceful home that is a refuge from the storms of life. Love is a walk on the beach or a 4 mile therapy session with a friend. Love is coffee! Love is a card in the mail or a good morning text. Love is a Family Fiesta, with crafts, of course. Love is a birthday scavenger hunt. Love is shakshuka and naan bread. Love is cold brew coffee. Love is saying yes. Love is saying no. Love is a good book in a quiet nook. 


Love is forgiving and forgetting. Love is always remembering. Love is a charcuterie board or a sushi picnic. Love is an empty sink and dishes in the cupboard. Love is a coffee shop work date. Love is vegan pesto,  Peruvian roasted chicken, a chocolate mug cake in a unicorn cup, and a Danish dough whisk. Love is laughter. Love is libraries. Love is family. Love is friends, both far and near. Love is new friends and new adventures. Love is sim cards and jet ski rides. Love is fire pits and full shoe trays. Love is travel and love is staying home. Love is going through your phone photos and social media posts and remembering all the love that abounds in your life. 


Wishing you much love and no vinegar Valentine’s today! Post in the comments below your own manifestations of love. 

Table Talk: What is love to you? What is the first photo on your phone that reminds you of what love is? Who can you send a good morning text to today and spread a little love?

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