Book Review: Blazing New Homeschool Trails

Book Review: Blazing New Homeschool Trails

Are you more of a trailblazer or a trail follower when it comes to raising and educating kids?

No matter how you answer this question, this BRAND NEW book, Blazing New Homeschool Trails: Educating and Launching Teens with Developmental Disabilities, could be for you! My friend, Natalie Vecchione, did not set out to be a trailblazer. She set out to be a wife and mama and along the way, realized that the path was no longer clear for her as a mama of a child with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a brain based disorder). She unexpectedly became a trailblazer and is now leading others down the path though FASD Hope. I had the privilege of tutoring Natalie’s son, so I got to walk a little bit along their path. So many hindrances to their path could have broken their family, instead, it made them stronger.  When Natalie said she was co authoring a book, I couldn’t wait to read it. In fact, I happily volunteered to be on the launch team so I could read it early! I also looked forward to reading the story of Cindy LaJoy and the business, Buckaroos Slices and Scoops, that her kids launched.

Just a few pages in and I already knew of 3 friends who I couldn’t wait to share this book with and by the time I finished, my list had grown. This insightful book, Blazing New Homeschool Trails, provides tips and tools for families who are considering different educational opportunities besides traditional schooling and suggests what next steps beyond school might look like for students with FASD. Whether you are a reluctant homeschool parent or an enthusiastic one, these tips will help you expand your journey and help you think through some avenues you might not have yet considered. There’s even a list at the end to help you think through some key decisions in homeschooling. Instead of reading like an instructional manual, this resource weaves personal stories into the WHY behind exploring different avenues of learning and employment.

Life experience and many hours of research make the authors experts on this topic, especially when similar resources just do not exist. Parents, therapists, and teachers will benefit from the journey of Natalie and Cindy with renewed passion to find the strengths in the students they teach instead of just focusing on the weaknesses and struggles. As a teacher and tutor, I highly recommend this resource! Click here to purchase the book Blazing New Homeschool Trails for yourself and pick up a copy for a friend while you are at it. This book will help you smile more and sigh less!

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Table talk: When life struggles seem like roadblocks, what do you do? In what area of life would your friends consider you a trailblazer? 

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