Review: Glamping at Gold River Camp

Review: Glamping at Gold River Camp
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What is your definition of glamping?

Glamping is defined by the Oxford Languages website as “a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.” Whether your style of camping involves cottages, cabins, RV’s, tiny rooms, fully equipped tents, primitive tents or hammocks, you can certainly find it at Gold River Camp and Cabins

This spring my daughter planned an overnight getaway in the mountains during her grad school break and invited her sister. Her sister loved it and planned an anniversary getaway with her husband. I loved the stories and pictures my girls shared. When my bestie who lives on another continent came to visit me, I booked us a night at Gold River Camp. It did not disappoint! 

If you know me, you know that camping is not my usual style but most of my besties love it. I’m not ready for tent camping, but a rustic tiny cabin with a shared open pavilion kitchen facility and a bathhouse was just fine with me. I loved the riverfront area where we made a fire and roasted s’mores. Breakfast on our tiny private balcony was a nice start to the morning. We did not make use of the gold panning equipment or the sample itineraries but we did hike Tom’s Creek Falls and spend a day downtown Asheville visiting Mast General Store and White Duck Tacos. If you visit the camp, be sure to check out the personalized rock art. We left our mark there! 

Looking for a glamping experience in NC? Look no further than Gold River Camp! Looking for a glamping experience in your local area? Try using tailored search terms “glamping near me” or visit Airbnb or Glampinghub. 

Want s’more weekend fun? Try glamping or try any of the ideas here.

Table Talk: What’s your favorite camping experience? Would you rather go camping or glamping?

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