Product Review: Neso Tents

Product Review: Neso Tents
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What type of beach shade do you use?

After years of dragging the big heavy beach canopy bag down to the shore and hoping we could get it set up and down by ourselves if my husband wasn’t on the trip, I found a new easier beach shade that weighs considerably less! Neso beach tents are a breeze to use and store. These lycra/nylon tents provide water resistant sunshade with different configurations depending on where you put the poles. There is a slight learning curve to setting them up on a windy day but tutorial videos helped. 

This Neso beach tent was great for our multigenerational beach trip so the great grandmas, the tired surfers, and the baby could have shade. We did have our tent blow down once but the winds were over 20 mph and changing directions. I was quite impressed with how well it did on other windy days and much less worried than usual about the umbrella flying down the beach or the whole canopy tent overturning and hurting someone. 


This beach tent can also be used in the backyard or sidelines. Instead of filling the bags with sand, you can use rocks, other weights, or even stakes. The tent comes in 3 sizes, but the store I was shopping in on vacation only had the largest size available. The 11×11 Gigante tent comes with 2 eight foot poles and a carrying bag that weighs around 10 lb when packed up. We later ordered 2 more poles to give us more options. While it does have a large footprint for 4 people, we have circled up 12 chairs under it (surrounding the highly entertaining grandbaby on a beach blanket, of course!).

This next generation of beach tents are worth the investment and easy to tote around. While it’s easier to set up with 2 people, one person can set it up following the 6 simple steps for assembly. Several days, my husband went down and set up the tent and chairs while the rest of us finished up breakfast. After years of hauling around various types of umbrellas and canopies, I’m very thankful to have discovered this lightweight packable Neso tent that will make a day at the beach much more enjoyable. Neso tents can be ordered online or found in camping, surf, and kite stores near you. The website features many fun colors and prints so you can easily identify YOUR Neso beach tent in the crowd. I recommend you get yourself a new beach tent before your next vacation! 

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Table Talk: What’s your best windy day story? How long does it take you to set up your beach tent?

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