Product Review: Manual Pencil Sharpener

Product Review: Manual Pencil Sharpener
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What's your favorite non electric office product?

I have a serious love of office products. Zebra striped paperclips and pastel sticky notes make me swoon. I wrap my trademark blue tape around my brand new Sharpies so nobody walks off with them. I wasn’t brand specific until I discovered Dixon Ticonderoga pencils. However, for years, pencil sharpeners frustrated me. I kept bent paperclips and screwdrivers in my desk drawer to unclog them after kids sharpened colored pencils or cheap pencils down to the nubs or inserted the wrong end of the pencil in the sharpener. Grrr. Manual. Electric. New. Used. Handheld when we broke the remaining one in the supply closet. Grrr. Pencil sharpeners.

Then one day I got a gift. My best friend said her husband bought a box of pencil sharpeners and wanted to give me one. She didn’t seem overly excited about this as she handed it to me. Considering mine were always breaking, I was happy to get a new pencil sharpener. Life suddenly went from good to great. I had a new office product love! Where had this gem been all my life?! I found myself teaching kids and adults how to use my Groovy Green pencil sharpener and showing it off like a brand new car! Best manual pencil sharpener ever!

Nowadays, when friends ask for teacher gift recommendations, I tell them to get a manual sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies. I get weird looks. Nobody thinks getting a teacher a manual pencil sharpener is cool. But I promise you won’t want to go back to another pencil sharpener once you try this one. If lead breaks off inside, the blade easily slides out for clearance. No more trying to hold a flashlight up to the opening and twirling around a paperclip. But it rarely clogs! And it sharpens pencils to a perfect tip. It sticks to the desktop or you can mount it.

My Dixon Ticonderogas and colored pencils have never been so happy! This is the pencil sharpener teachers are talking about. And if they aren’t, it’s because they haven’t tried it yet. Want to make a teacher’s day? Send your child to school with a “back to school” welcome gift! Want to surprise a friend? Get a pencil sharpener! Don’t know what to get grandma for the holidays? Get a pencil sharpener! They have a downloadable directions sheet or a 26 second video on how to use this sharpener (notice it’s starring the Groovy Green sharpener!).

Don’t get  knock off versions. Get the true and trusted Classroom Friendly Supply pencil sharpener. (Disclaimer- I didn’t even know they had an affiliate program until I went to get you this link for my blog. Turns out I can get a small commission at no extra charge to you. My day just keeps getting better and better. I love this pencil sharpener!)

Pretty paperclips still make my heart flutter but I don’t use them that often anymore. Some of my tutoring clients like to bring in dull pencils to sharpen during a session just as an excuse to use my pencil sharpener! My mom periodically comes upstairs to my desk to use my sharpener when her sudoku pencil gets dull. When my grown kids moved out, I had to make sure no one took my pencil sharpener!

Table Talk: Were you the kid who sharpened the pencil down to the nub or the kid who fixed the jammed sharpener? Do you prefer traditional pencils or mechanical ones?

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