Product Review: Gut Friendly Recipes

Product Review: Gut Friendly Recipes
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What resources do you turn to when looking for gut healthy recipes?

If you have ever had gut issues, worried about cooking for a houseguest with IBD, or gone on an elimination diet, you know that meal planning can be an added stress. The Crohns and Colitis Foundation is a wealth of resources, and they have just added a recipe and meal planning section to their website. 

This free resource, Gut Friendly Recipes, lets you filter recipes by your diet and food preferences, plus if you register, you can make a weekly meal plan and save your favorite recipes. Some of the diets they specialize in are Crohn’s Disease Exclusion Diet, Low-FODMAP Diet, Mediterranean Diet, and Specific Carbohydrate Diet and many recipes have tips of what to avoid or substitute if you are having a flare. After registering it only took me a few clicks to get a meal plan for 7 dinners.

So whether you have IBD, IBS, gut issues, or are cooking for someone who does, this helpful resource will give you a boost in the kitchen. Check out this new resource and show some love to the gutsy person in your life.

Table Talk: Who do you know who struggles with gut issues? What recipes do you like to make when entertaining someone with gut issues? 

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