Product Review: CLEP Exams

Product Review: CLEP Exams
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What are some ways you can save money on college?

Testing out of required college courses is one way to save money on college and earn credit toward a college degree. AP (Advanced Placement) exams are sometimes offered to high school students upon completion of an advanced level high school course and award college credits for passing. However, CLEP exams (College Level Examination Program) are available to just about everyone anytime with 34 tests in 5 subject areas. These 1- 2 hour computer based multiple choice exams cost approximately $90 per test and can award 3-6 college credits. There are even testing sites in countries other than the US. 

Anyone who excels at a particular topic and is planning to go to college should consider taking a CLEP exam as many colleges and universities accept passing scores as college credit. College Board, creator of the SAT test, offers AP and CLEP exams and a wide variety of test and college prep materials. By taking AP and/or CLEP exams, students may be able to save significant time and money on college or free up their schedule to take other courses. With some careful planning and research, some students have even shaved a whole year off a 4 year degree. The launching years are a great time to be planning ahead and CLEP exams are something worth considering.

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Table Talk: What could you do with the extra time and money you save on college? What subject area are you particularly knowledgeable about?

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