Hard is not the same thing as bad

Hard is not the same thing as bad
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What moments of parenting feel overwhelming to you?

Book Review: Hard Is Not the Same Thing as Bad

If I were to sit down to a coffee chat with new friends, I’d include Abbie Halberstadt on the invite list. While I do not actually know Abbie, her humor, advice, and encouragement would make us easy friends who could laugh and cry together before we even finished my first cup of coffee and her hot chocolate. Reading her book Hard is not the Same Thing as Bad felt like sitting in on a weekly book club with Abbie. #hintstab 

I have been following Abbie Halberstadt, author of M is for Mama, for a while and looking forward to her latest book Hard is Not the Same Thing as Bad. She posts on social media about the miraculous and messy world of motherhood. She and her husband have 10 children (including 2 sets of twins with identical birthdays) and their story can be found on her parenting podcast and blog https://misformama.net/.

Abbie’s down-to-earth honesty is refreshing as she shares her parenting experiences through the lens of hard is not the same thing as bad and her hope in Jesus Christ. So many parents see the difficult things of life and parenting as bad, hopeless, or a mistake. Abbie reminds her readers of the truths of God’s word and that struggles bring growth and perspective. I cannot control what is happening around me, but I can control how I respond. This book reminds readers that this perspective shift can change the way you parent, even when your struggles are different from others.

Each of the 15 chapters also has a page of a dad’s viewpoint, action steps, questions, and more. Abbie covers all the stages of raising kids, forgiveness, friendships, fears, and priorities. I agree with Abbie that one tiny perspective shift can start you on the slow road to sanity. 

Have a friend who is struggling with the trying moments of parenting? Need a gift for a baby sprinkle? Want a book for your guestroom library? Hard is not the same thing as bad is the answer. This book is available from Abbie’s website, Amazon, and in stores including Barnes and Noble and Hobby Lobby.  It comes in hardback, ebook, or audiobook. I highly recommend Hard is Not the Same Thing as Bad and M is for Mama by Abbie Halberstadt.

Abbie also sells merchandise and clothes on her other website https://www.paintandprose.com/.

“The hard of motherhood is undeniably real. But so is the hope.” Abbie Halberstadt

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Table Talk: What parenting books do you recommend? What is one highlight of parenting?

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