Bathroom Bags for Travel

Bathroom Bags for Travel
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What are the advantages of having a bathroom bag that is just for travel?

Having a travel bathroom bag has been a big help at our house. Ever since the kids were big enough to have their own travel bags, they have had their own bathroom bags. There are so many advantages to this.

When traveling, we have a packing list and instead of listing all the toiletries, it just says “bathroom bag” because we keep packed bags ready to go. We have our favorite toiletries in travel sizes, travel toothbrushes, make up, and so much more. The advantages of having a travel bathroom bag are many. It saves time when packing and unpacking and you are less likely to forget essential items. I typically restock mine when I return home from a trip, so its ready go the next time. Time savers can be bar soap that also doubles as shampoo and clothes wash, such as Dr Bonner’s Magic Soap. We buy small waterproof soap containers and cut a large bar of soap in half. 

There have been times I have had to pack an overnight bag in a hurry, such as heading to the hospital with a family member, and it’s been such a relief to have a travel bathroom bag. It will not surprise you to learn that I also recommend having a semipacked “go bag” ready with a few travel essentials as you never know when you might need to leave in a hurry for your next adventure! 

What to stock in your travel bathroom bag:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, razor, lotion, travel tissues, hand sanitizer, safety pins, hair ties, mini sewing kit, mini mirror, comb, chapstick, and a few first aid supplies.

Think about what you normally use at home and stock your travel bathroom bag accordingly. Of course, depending on your trip and your personal needs you may want a few other items such as sunscreen, bug spray, feminine products, daily medicines, etc. but these can be added when packing for your adventure. 

Get more packing tips here:

Want a great gift idea for kids that you can keep on hand? Stock up on travel items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, travel soap containers, and floss sticks. Stock up on small zipper bags such as pencil pouches or make up bags. You can personalize the bags with the child’s name and a zipper pull. Kids do not need too many items in their bags but will love to have a small bag of their own. This actually makes a great gift for any age! (Watch for my Christmas in September post for more easy gift ideas!)

Table Talk: What essentials do you have in your travel bathroom bag? At what age do kids need their own bathroom bags?

Share in the comments below your reasons for having a bathroom travel bag. 

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