10 Tasks to Clean Your Digital Spaces

10 Tasks to Clean Your Digital Spaces
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How full is your email inbox?

When I teach my course “Clean the Chaos,” I not only want my clients to clean their physical spaces but also their digital spaces, too. Here’s a short segment right out of a recent email to my clients on cleaning out home office spaces. These 10 tasks will help you clean the chaos in your digital life and lighten the junk mail and unnecessary files that burden your devices. Set aside some time this month and work through these 10 tasks. You will be so glad you did!

  1. Delete junk emails
  2. Unsubscribe to email lists
  3. Create folders or filters for important emails
  4. Create folders on your device for important files with names that work for you (home, personal, health, auto, receipts/orders, pet, manuals, etc.) including a folder for each person in your household
  5. Delete unnecessary photos and files
  6. Delete apps and subscriptions you do not use
  7. Delete trash files periodically
  8. Use digital bookkeeping and bill pay to manage bills and minimize paper use
  9. Use a financial app to monitor your credit scores, find and manage subscriptions, and cancel recurring charges
  10.  Back up your files

Bonus tip? Delete junk mail once a day to keep your inbox low. 

Want to get motivational emails twice a month to help you clean the chaos in your house? Subscribe to my 1 year Clean the Chaos system for less than a dollar a week! The first month is FREE! 

Table Talk: What is the hardest task on this list? How do you deal with junk mail?

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