Yoga Pretzels

Yoga Pretzels
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What is a quick and easy way to help kids stretch their bodies and increase their patience and confidence?

Product Review: Yoga Pretzels

Years ago as a young teacher, I purchased a pack of Yoga Pretzels: 50 fun yoga activities for kids and grownups. This card deck has traveled with me to my various classrooms and tutoring sites. It has helped my students and children stretch during those silent 3-minute stretch breaks while testing, gave us fun activities to do during indoor recess, and helped calm the minds of tutoring clients as they transition from school to tutoring sessions. Now my grown-up daughter is borrowing them for her pediatric occupational therapy sessions. Yoga Pretzels are a quick and easy way to help kids stretch their bodies and brains while increasing their patience and confidence.

These Yoga Pretzels have definitely been worth whatever I paid for them 15 years ago! A quick search shows they are still available in stores and on Amazon today. 

The sturdy cards have a picture of the yoga pose on one side and step-by-step instructions beautifully illustrated on the other side. There’s also an instructional booklet enclosed. I briefly talked to my students and clients about safely stretching, especially in a group environment, and the importance of following the directions of the yoga pose. After we have done some together, I can then put 3 or 4 cards out and the students can take themselves through the poses. I think that’s why I love it being a card deck instead of a poster of yoga poses. Some of the cards are for two people to do together and this teaches patience and practice. No previous yoga experience is needed to use these cards. 

Favorite Poses with Yoga Pretzels

One favorite yoga sequence: Mountain, Triangle, Tree, Rock, Rainbow

One favorite partner pose: Seesaw

One favorite game: Nature Kids

There are many varieties of cards available today, but I highly recommend the Yoga Pretzels card deck. It’s a fun and healthy gift for Christmas stockings or birthday parties. It’s portable to take on trips, to the park, or when out running errands and everyone needs a short break. Good for all ages. Take Yoga Pretzels to your next family reunion!

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Table Talk: What is your favorite yoga pose? Have you done yoga with kids before? 

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