Product Review: Uptime Robot

Product Review: Uptime Robot
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Do you have your own robot working for you yet?

Uptime Robot is a free website monitoring service that works so you don’t have to. This business tool is my secret weapon. Uptime Robot checks your website every few minutes to see if it’s up and running and notifies you if it’s down. Downtime happens to the best of us, but hopefully, you can catch it before your customers do. Just this week I was trying to find the menu and hours of a new business but I got an error with every link I tried. Bummer. When I visited the restaurant that day, I let them know and they thought I just had the wrong link. It was up and running today, but using a service like Uptime Robot could have saved them egg on their face.


It takes just a few minutes to set up this free service and you can choose to receive an email or text message when your website or course page is down. Plus their smart team of robots can monitor all sorts of other things for you, except what’s in your fridge or when you are running low on basic supplies like coffee and dark chocolate. Check them out today! As they say… “Downtime happens. Get notified!”

Anything else getting you down? Check out this blog post and smile!

Table Talk: If you could have a robot help you at home, which chore would you delegate? Do you see AI as helpful or harmful?

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