Digital Escape Rooms

Digital Escape Rooms
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Looking for some new rainy day activities for your kids?

While spring is popping up in most gardens, rainy days and Mondays still can get us down. Looking for some new rainy day activities for your kids? Try a digital escape room from the comfort of your own couch! Many free and educational digital escape rooms exist. I’ll list a few here but you can do your own search for more using the Tailored Search Terms listed below. There are even a few you can print and use if you want a pencil and paper version.

Typically escape rooms involve solving puzzles to get a key or code to unlock the room. Most digital escape rooms have several puzzles and several locks. Some have a storyline woven throughout the game and some just stick to a theme. Some puzzles are visual and others rely on knowledge. In our house, we have solved puzzles together or assigned a certain one to each kid to attempt before the rest join in and help. Some are short with just a few puzzles and can be completed in less than a half hour. Others are more complex or have longer puzzles that take time. Have pencils and paper available if needed. Use a laptop or cast to the TV. 

Want another tip for dreary Mondays? Give the kids a chore to complete before the fun begins then regather as a family to do a digital escape room. When the sun comes out, you will all be able to go play since the chores are done!

Digital escape rooms: (multi ages, created by a librarian, answer key available)

More free digital escape rooms:

Youth ministry escape rooms:

Print and play: (grade 3, answer key available) 

Inexpensive Math Escape Rooms:

Inexpensive Science Escape Rooms:

Inexpensive Social Studies Escape Rooms:

Inexpensive Language Arts Escape Rooms:

Tailored Search Terms: free digital escape rooms for families, educational digital escape rooms grade ___

Table Talk: Do you prefer visual puzzles or knowledge-based puzzles? Do you prefer digital escape rooms or in-person escape rooms?

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