Book Review: Imperfect Disciple

Book Review: Imperfect Disciple
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What do you do when you struggle to get your act together but keep failing?

Imperfect Disciple: Grace for People Who Can’t Get Their Act Together, by Jared C. Wilson, is the perfect book to read with a friend this summer. Wilson’s conversational style of writing makes you feel like you are sitting across the table at a coffee shop or at an airport waiting area having a chat. His wisdom makes you feel smarter not smaller once you finish a chapter. Read a chapter, let it settle in, then discuss it with a friend or two. Repeat 10 times. Preferably with an iced coffee. 

Wilson takes readers on a discipleship journey through his own stories with humor and honesty. Knowing you are not alone in this journey nor do you have to have it all together all the time will build your confidence. Discipleship is doing life on life with someone else. Normal life. Messy life. Wilson understands a life full of questions and knows a Book full of answers.

After hearing Wilson speak in person a few years ago, some friends and I did a book study with Imperfect Diciple. There are not questions at the end of the chapters, but each person highlighted a sentence or two from the chapter. That was enough to keep the book discussion going and gave opportunities to share our own stories. Later I read it again with another friend. I have to keep putting this small book in my Amazon cart because I keep giving away my copy. 

Amazon lets you take a peak inside the book at the table of contents and the first chapter. Hopefully you have Amazon prime and get the book right away since you’ll be hooked after the first few pages. Get yourself a copy or two of this book today. Do a book study with a friend. Have honest conversations. Give grace. Drink iced coffee.

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Table Talk: What books are on your summer reading lists? What does the title of this book make you think of?

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