Backyard Book Clubs

Backyard Book Clubs
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Want to encourage reading, practice speaking and listening skills, and have fun with your kids?

Host a Backyard Book Club!

Backyard Book Club Kit has all you need – just add books and kids! Don’t worry! There isn’t one right way to run a book club and you don’t need a backyard. All you need is some enthusiasm, a kid, a book, and this kit. Book clubs and reading help kids develop empathy, relate to characters, practice speaking and listening skills, and learn about the world around them. 

This 16-page customizable book club kit makes it easy to get started. You know your kids and their reading levels the best so the books here are just a recommendation to get you started. The suggested plans are aimed at grades 3-8 but are easily customizable for other ages. This kit is great for parents, teachers, tutors, grandparents, camps, backyards or Zoom meetings, and club leaders. The kit is an instant download upon purchase once your order goes through.

I’ve been so excited to take my classroom experiences and turn it into an easy to use product that families can use at home this summer, whether they have reluctant readers or advanced readers. Many neighborhoods have book clubs for adults so why not start ones for kids this summer? There are so many variation of this that I can’t wait to see how it will be used. Grammy camps. A single session with a short story at birthday parties. Neighborhood book clubs. Host the book club at the beach or pool and let each child bring a beach towel to sit on. Virtual book clubs with cousins across the country. How will you use the Backyard Book Club kit?

Why host a book club:

Encourages lifelong reading

Stimulates the brain

Supports reluctant and advanced readers

Promotes social-emotional interactions

Practices listening and speaking skills

Maintains learning

Increases basic knowledge

Boosts family relationships

How to host a book club:

Read the materials in this kit

Choose a book

Select your dates and times

Invite a few friends or family members

Review the session plans

Print the discussion guidelines and thinkmarks

Choose a cozy spot for your backyard book club

Get ready to have fun and dig into a good book!

What is included in the customizable book club kit:

Session plan guide and tips for leaders

Sample plan for 5 sessions using the book Ida B

Discussion Guidelines printable

Thinkmarks printable

Homework printable

Customizable homework printable

Book suggestions

Backyard Book Club variation tips for birthday parties and camps


Book Projects

Discussion Questions for use with almost any book

End of club survey questions

…everything but the kids and books!

Now is the perfect time to download your kit and get started planning your backyard book club! I can’t wait to hear how it turns out! 

Click to purchase your Backyard Book Club Kit from my store today! 

Table Talk: What children’s chapter book would you love for your kids or grandkids to read this summer? Where in your house or yard could you host a backyard book club for neighborhood kids?

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