Backyard Book Club Kit


Want to encourage kids reading and speaking skills? Host a fun Backyard Book Club! This book club kit has all you need – just add books and kids!


Want to encourage kids reading, practice speaking and listening skills, and have fun? Host a Backyard Book Club! This book club kit for kids has all you need – just add books and kids!

There isn’t one right way to run a book club and you don’t need a backyard. All you need is some enthusiasm, a kid, a book, and this book club kit for kids. Having a cozy spot, an excited kid, and a snack is just the icing on the cake. Book clubs and reading help kids develop empathy, relate to characters, and learn about the world around them.

This 16-page customizable book club kit makes it easy to get started. Instant download upon purchase. You know your kids and their reading levels the best, so the books here are just a suggestion to get you started. The suggested plans are aimed at grades 3-8 but are easily customizable for other ages. Great for parents, teachers, tutors, nannies, grandparents, backyards or Zoom meetings, and club leaders. 

What’s included in the customizable book club kit for kids:

Session plan guide and tips for leaders

Sample plan for 5 sessions 

Discussion Guidelines printable

Thinkmarks printable

Homework printable

Customizable homework printable

Book suggestions

Backyard Book Club variation tips for birthday parties and camps


Book Projects

Discussion Questions for use with almost any book

End of club survey questions

…everything but the kids and books!

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Your PDF will be available to download upon purchase. This is a digital product. The pdf digital file can be downloaded and printed at home or at a printer of your choice. No actual file will be shipped. The file also contains a link to make a Google Doc copy that you can customize.  Product is available to download for 90 days after purchase.


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