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Would you rather buy one brand name clothing item or several “gently used” clothes at a thrift shop?

I don’t see myself as a fashion influencer nor do I feel very influenced by having to keep up with all the trends. Instead, I like to save money to spend on travel or to give away to help others. I’m a thrifty mama!

Money was pretty tight growing up so we were not accustomed to splurges on the latest trends. Our needs were met and some of our wants, too. I started thrift shopping when I was outfitting my first place as a newlywed. I STILL have my $2 ironing board, which I spray painted silver. I discovered thrift shopping at the Kids Exchange Sale twice a year for kids clothes and toys when my girls were little. I saved SO much money by consigning items and buying “gently used” items in their current sizes. (Ok, I’ll admit. I did buy kids winter jackets a size or two larger to get extra wear out of it!) I also discovered local consignment shops and the Goodwill. 

I am surprised when I get compliments on articles of clothing, including the $18 Banana Republic dress I wore to my daughter’s wedding that I chose for the color not the brand name. People’s mouths drop open when I tell them my clothes are mostly all thrift shop items. I’m a pretty savvy shopper. I could take you on a tour of my favorite spots, but then I’d have to share the goods with you! Living in an area that has top of the line clothing shops, means that there’s also better items at the consignment shops. There are some things I’m willing to splurge on, like an all purpose durable Sherpani bag at REI, but even that was probably on sale! My favorite waterproof Lucky Brand boots were consignment for around $15 and are still going strong after several winters. I didn’t even realize their quality when I bought them! Lucky me!

Some friends say they cannot shop at thrift stores because it’s too disorganized. It’s not for everyone, but for me it’s a fun adventure. I taught my girls to shop consignment first, then go to the mall if they cannot find what they need. If they got a gift outfit that didn’t fit, we returned it to the mall and then ended up buying 2 or 3 times the amount of clothing if we spent that money at a thrift shop. Because I shop at those stores regularly, it does not seem disorganized to me. Did my girls buy prom dresses at consignment stores? YES! And they looked amazing! Have I shopped at thrift stores in other states and countries? For sure! How many of you can say you went consignment shopping in Sophia, Bulgaria? 

Looking to save money on clothes or household furnishings? Spend an afternoon checking out your local thrift shops or GCF. Or let’s go shopping together! 

Table Talk: What’s the average amount of money you are willing to pay for a pair of jeans? What’s your favorite local thrift shop? If you saved money on clothes, what could you spend that extra money on?