Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings
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Remember that amazing hostess gift you got last Christmas that you thought you could make for others this year?

Remember that amazing hostess gift you got last Christmas that you thought you could make for others this year? Nope. You forgot. Me, too. I hate it when that happens! You have a great idea, and you forget to use it. I have a tip that has helped me out many times when I want to remember Christmas gift ideas.

Open your calendar app or paper calendar and choose a date early in next November. I create an event called “note to self” where I type things in the event notes such as “remember you have plenty of tree ornament hooks” or “make spice mix jars for teacher gifts this Christmas” adding links or pictures when appropriate. This little tip replaces sticky notes that get lost on the counter. You can use it to remind yourself to purchase and mail a birthday gift ahead of time or to schedule an appointment for the car inspection next year. This tip will only work if you actually use a calendar, but that’s a whole other topic! 

Speaking of those amazing little gifts, here’s an easy idea. You can make seasoning mixes and give pretty little jars of “seasons greetings” this Christmas. I mix up batches of ranch and taco seasoning and divide them into little glass jars. Add a pretty label and maybe a ribbon you are all set. Warning: Do not put your face near the bowl when you stir up these spices or you will find your nose twitching with a sneeze! 

To make this even easier, here’s a link to download some labels for small mouth jars and the seasoning mix recipes that I created just for you. Free Printable Jar Labels and Seasoning Recipes Print on label paper compatible with Avery Label 22807 or print on any paper and attach it to the lid or jar. I find that 2 inch labels fit most Mason jar lids. 

Quiz time! You love this idea and pin it to Pinterest, but how will you remember to make it next Christmas? A. Hope a friend repins it in November  B. Create a “note to self” on your calendar with a link to this post or your downloaded file C. File it away in your memory and hope for the best. 

If you said B, you would BE correct. Creating a reminder helps you remember those good intentions in the coming year. Season’s Greetings, my friends! Please share this blog post with friends so they can download their own free printable jar labels and recipes or pin it to Pinterest! 

Spread the joy! 

Want some other gift ideas? Check out my post on parenting books. No matter what age kids they have, parents like books too.

Table Talk: What yearly appointments do you need to remember to schedule? What gift ideas could you make for teachers, friends, or coworkers this year? Do you have the ingredients on hand to make the spice mixes for “seasons greetings”?

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